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Improved air quality, ambiance, and reduced stress are just a few benefits of plants both at home and in the office. Did you know that plants can also spark creativity and increase focus?  Think that plant in the corner of your boss’ office is just for show? Think again!  Here we’ll explore all the benefits [...]

Did you know office and admin support jobs make up 16% of the American workforce? That’s not including other workers who clock in at an office every day. So, setting up an office is no easy task, and there are several things to consider.  This guide explains the considerations to make when setting up an [...]

If you’ve recently made the switch to working remotely, then there’s a good chance you’re dreaming of overhauling your home office. Sitting in front of your computer all day can have physical effects on your body, including neck and back pain, so it’s important to find a set up that works for you. Here are five [...]

Did you know that landlines are predicted to become a thing of the past? Because of this reason, you might be looking at switching over to an IP telephone before landlines are completely obsolete. There are plenty of benefits when you make the switch. Keep reading to learn the top reasons that your business will [...]