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Do you own or manage a small business? Are you wondering what you need to know about product packaging design? Believe it or not, packaging a product is about more than just choosing a nice color and a cool logo. You’ll want to make sure you represent your product, your brand, and your professionalism. Here’s [...]

Let’s face it: humans love packages. Think of the joy of small children on Christmas morning. The popularity of unboxing videos on YouTube. That tiny hit of dopamine that rises when you see a freshly-delivered package from your latest online shopping excursion. It’s clear to see that consumers love boxes and packaging. This is why it’s so important [...]

Are you getting tired of packaging up all the products that your company sells on your own before sending them off to your customers? This is a common problem that many companies have when they start to grow. At first, it’s not all that hard to keep up with the orders that your company has [...]

The global product packaging market is set to reach a value of $50 billion by 2022. No matter what the product, it will need packaging of some sort before it’s ready for introduction into the consumer market.  There are several packaging materials available for businesses to choose from. But you can’t just choose the one that [...]

Unboxing is more than a fad. This wildly popular social media trend is quickly becoming a cultural movement, Savvy web-retailers are taking full advantage of the unboxing trend by getting creative with their packaging. It is doing wonders for boosting their brands. Creating stylish and unique packaging may seem like a luxury reserved only for [...]