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Are you getting a new puppy for your home? That’s great news! However, this is a change you don’t want to take lightly. You’ll need to make many life changes if you want to take on a new pet. Not everyone can handle those changes. That’s why more than 6 million dogs and cats are [...]

Having a fish tank or aquarium is a great way to add flair and ambiance to your home. Especially when it’s filled with amazing species of exotic aquatic life. It’s for this reason that many people are interested in the prospect of having seahorses as pets. Seahorses are beautiful creatures, but like any other pet, they [...]

With more than half of all American households owning a pet, there are many pets on the move at any one time. Moving pets is often a stressful experience. Most animals don’t like being confined in a cage and can sometimes get motion sickness. On top of that, you have to worry about your human [...]

Dogs’ heightened senses have saved countless human lives by detecting bombs, diseases, and narcotics. These wonderful creatures constantly surprise us with their incredible intelligence and intuition. But what are the strongest dog’s senses? Below, we’ll guide you through the various dog senses and explain which sense is superior. Smell There’s no denying a dog’s strongest [...]

In this age of non-traditional families, pets are the cozy addition to your clan that you didn’t know you needed. They seem like a good idea before you get them. And once you do, you realize they are the most incredible, fantastic, and fabulous idea ever. But like humans, animals have health crises and sometimes, unfortunately, they [...]