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“Money, is it the shoes? Money, it’s gotta be the shoes.” That’s what Mars Blackmon, aka Spike Lee, kept asking Micahel Jordan, the then up-and-coming Chicago Bulls superstar in that famous Nike commercial. Blackmon (Lee) wanted to know how Jordan seemed to fly through the air like no other man.  That was 1984-85. When the [...]

Do you want to know how to make skincare products? Do you need guidance to understand how to sell homemade cosmetics? Starting your own private skincare business can change your life forever, but getting started can feel daunting. Anyone with the right attitude, information, and entrepreneurial drive can create incredible DIY skincare products. You only [...]

Are you looking forward to an upcoming fishing trip? Before you pack your rod and bait and head out, do you have the right clothes for fishing? The right fishing clothes will make your trip more comfortable. The clothes also have a functional process to make it easier for your fishing trips. They can also [...]

Are you looking for a new fashion style? Fashion is something that anyone can make their own. It’s all about expressing yourself and creating an image that suits you. This is why streetwear is becoming even more popular nowadays. The comfort and freedom of expression it gives when executed properly is more than any other [...]

According to a report by Mckinsey, the fashion industry was worth a whopping $53.7 billion in 2020, and this figure is only expected to grow through 2021.  But, just because people are buying a lot of clothing items doesn’t make things anything easier for your apparel company. For apparel companies, competition is stiffer than ever, [...]