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Are you a small business owner who needs help getting insurance? Did you know that there are six insurance risks you can avoid to save your business from fallout? When it comes to starting a business, insurance can often be seen as an overwhelming and confusing expense. It can be difficult to know which kind of [...]

Did you know that 68% of individuals with life insurance are financially secure? There are a lot of factors that go into successful sales. But if you want to leverage your sales life insurance policies to boost your finances, it all comes down to how you approach things. Here are some sales best practices you need [...]

What happens when a hurricane or other storm flattens your business or personal property? You may lose power, telephone, cable, HVAC, Internet, and/or water services. Then you need to tackle repairs and cleanup. In the process, are you wondering if you can claim for hurricane damage? The answer depends on whether your home insurance covers [...]

When you think of insurance, what comes to mind? Maybe you think of getting a speeding ticket and needing to get it paid for. Maybe you think of buying auto or home insurance to protect your assets. Maybe you think of shelling out tons of money for liability. Well, the insurance industry is much more [...]

An auto accident is scary enough. The unpredictability of someone’s behavior on the road or the weather can turn an unexpected episode into a terrifying situation. What makes matters worse is when an accident is the result of another person’s negligence. From distracted driving to poor visibility, many car accidents are caused by simple mistakes [...]