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Around 4.3 million homes in the US are at a substantial risk of being damaged due to flooding this year. Extreme weather and rising sea levels are only expected to make this risk increase even more for additional homes in the coming years. However, there is a way to protect yourself from the financial concerns [...]

Did you know there are over 8.3 million motorcycles registered in the US? Taking a ride is a feeling unlike no other, but everyone knows it involves a certain degree of risk. But do you know how to protect yourself with the best insurance? Before you drive in, there are several factors to consider. Read on [...]

Everyone dies. But not everyone receives the same level of treatment in death.  The median cost of a funeral in 2019 totaled 7,640 dollars. That is several months of rent in most American cities. Many families can’t afford a funeral, so their loved ones go without memorialization.  Yet you don’t have to. When you are [...]

Are you stuck in a dead-end job? Are you thinking about becoming a Medicare insurance agent? You’re itching to get out of your current situation, but you’re not sure if Medicare sales are right for you. The answer may be yes if the following applies to you: You want to enrich people’s livesYou excel at making [...]

Insurance. We love having it on hand when disaster strikes. Yet, there’s nothing more hated than the monthly premiums we have to pay, especially if they’re straining our budget.  What if we told you that by simply getting an insurance broker, you get to not only save money but delegate the whole insurance process to a [...]