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Are you stuck in a dead-end job? Are you thinking about becoming a Medicare insurance agent? You’re itching to get out of your current situation, but you’re not sure if Medicare sales are right for you. The answer may be yes if the following applies to you: You want to enrich people’s livesYou excel at making [...]

Insurance. We love having it on hand when disaster strikes. Yet, there’s nothing more hated than the monthly premiums we have to pay, especially if they’re straining our budget.  What if we told you that by simply getting an insurance broker, you get to not only save money but delegate the whole insurance process to a [...]

The mere idea of your precious car getting stolen can give any car-owner nightmares. Yet, that didn’t stop car thieves from stealing more than 773,000 cars in 2017 alone.  There are the obvious tips like “don’t forget to lock the doors!” However, if simply locking the doors of your vehicles properly before leaving would have stopped [...]

Only around 40% of startups will actually earn a profit, and not having insurance coverage can quickly become why there is more cash flowing out rather than in. Startup owners will forgo insurance, hoping that nothing happens to anyone or anything that belongs to the company. When an accident occurs, they’re suddenly paying out of pocket, creating [...]

Car accidents are a big problem all around the world to the tune of $518 billion globally for road traffic-related injuries.  Do you need some car accident help? If you were involved in an accident, knowing how to proceed is critical to handling everything from car damage to personal injuries.  Are you trying to learn [...]