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Statistics show that there is a 40% chance of small businesses filing a claim. This means that it will likely be beneficial to have the proper coverage for your business if you do need to make a claim. What is the best small business insurance? How many different insurance options are there? Is insuring a [...]

Business insurance is a necessary purchase for any company. However, it can be tricky to navigate the world of business insurance policies. According to research, 44% of small businesses do not and have never had any insurance coverage at all. The problem is that it would only take one lawsuit to put these businesses out [...]

Flooding, including home water infiltration, is the most costly natural disaster. Do you see the water creeping into your basement every time it rains? The walls or foundations of your basement might be compromised. But fret not. We’re here to help you out! Read on for a handy list of basement flooding prevention tips. Check Your Pipes If you [...]

Most states in the United States require their drivers to carry auto insurance on their vehicles. Not only does this policy protect you from any financial liabilities, but it also keeps you compliant with your state. So just how much is the cost of car insurance? What type of variables causes your rates to hike [...]

Did you know that car theft cost about six billion dollars in 2018? Stolen cars can provide thieves with a mode of transport, an easy revenue source for parts, or simply something to get their hands on for the thrill of it. Have you ever wondered how you can start preventing car theft to keep [...]