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Did you know businesses that offer free Wi-Fi have a success rate of 72%? If your business provides products or services, this is a huge advantage. If your company rarely sees customers inside, it is still essential for your staff to have an internet connection to complete day to day tasks. How much Wi-Fi bandwidth [...]

Software development is a crucial pillar of nearly every industry. As time goes on, this statement only becomes truer. As you might expect, though, you will need to extensively test the software before and after it has been released. More specifically, regression testing allows you to ensure that the software is still meeting the appropriate [...]

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your new startup and you’re determined to make it big in the corporate world. But, there’s one thing that could bring you down—cybersecurity. If your company doesn’t take cybersecurity seriously from day one, then you’re at risk of hacking and data theft. This can quickly destroy a new [...]

The global impact of data breaches costs an organization about $3.86 million on average. Leaving your business vulnerable to hackers comes at a major cost. Instead, consider managed IT services. With IT service management, you can control costs, improve your security, and boost productivity. Still on the fence? Here are seven benefits of managed IT [...]

For a while now, cloud computing was all the rage in tech circles and for many legitimate reasons. Cloud computing helps companies reduce tech infrastructure costs, often provides better security than in-house setups, and enables many SaaS solutions for businesses. Yet, for all those benefits, cloud computing isn’t quite the panacea that everyone imagined it [...]