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Your business is going well. That is until an unexpected data breach happens. It causes you to lose the confidential information of several of your customers.  Breaking it to your clients didn’t go too well. None of them are going to be working with you after you get the situation under control. You’ve lost their [...]

Do you want to run your medical practice more efficiently? Wondering if investing in practice management software is worth it? If you want to have a more efficient practice and offer better care to your patients, then getting practice management software can be a great idea. By using practice management software, you’ll be able to [...]

About 30% of Americans are online, constantly. If you want to avoid data restrictions and hackers, you should learn what VPN uses are all about. You’ve heard about VPNs, but what are they?  A Virtual Private Network is a device that allows you to connect to the internet safely and securely. It operates by creating [...]

As the owner or manager of an IT company, you probably know your way around technology. In the digital business world, this is a fundamental skill. However, that doesn’t necessarily make you an expert on digital marketing. If you’re like most business owners, your specialty lies within your niche or industry. While this is important, [...]

Are you a business that needs help with IT matters and lacks an understanding of what a managed service provider is and how it can help? These providers help businesses solve technology issues of all kinds.  They can provide you with the proper IT support to keep your business operations running smoothly.  Warding off cybersecurity [...]