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Picture sunsets, clear skies, and an endless vista. You’re free from worries, oh, and free from commitments. You’re in your van, cruising down the open road. Maybe you have a scheduled stop you’re aiming for…or maybe you just drive until you’re tired. It’s the epitome of freedom. Whether you’re turning a long weekend road trip [...]

The dream of being able to roam the world, working from wherever we fancy, is a recurring one for many people. But the realities of strict work and residency rules and the cost of travel sometimes stand in the way of making dreams a reality. A digital nomad visa is helping more people achieve their [...]

You’re out on the open water, enjoying the sunny day and the gentle waves. Suddenly, you notice something’s wrong with the boat. You see water starting to leak in and the boat starts to sink! What do you do? Don’t panic! There are a lot of steps to take when caring for a boat over [...]

Business travel is meant for more than the leisure of it. It can help you establish your brand, expose your company to new audiences, and create deeper relationships with potential business partners. If you’re going for both work and pleasure, then you need to master the most important business travel tips. This way, you’re sure [...]

Around 100 million Americans go boating each year. Almost everyone desires to have their boat. Whether you’re looking for an adventure, a lifestyle, or both, there’s no better way to get a taste of what you’ve been dreaming about than by finding the perfect boat. One of the biggest obstacles between you and the boat of [...]