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Web Development

Were you aware that redesigning your website can lead to higher engagement, improved search results, and more conversions? Nowadays, the core features of websites look similar from site to site. This results in a drop in user experience and brand loyalty. A website redesign plan is a perfect solution to bring back the luster of your business and [...]

Are you hoping to improve your website this year so that you are creating a better experience for your online visitors and customers? If so, keeping up with the latest UX design trends is a great place to do so.  UX, or user experience, refers to the experience that online users have when landing on [...]

WordPress has dominated the CMS landscape for the last 17 years and over 75 million websites run their websites on this platform. Yet it was only a matter of time before new systems arrived on the scene to challenge the reign of WordPress. Sitecore is one of those. Are you still a little in the dark about [...]

Is your business website loading slow, constantly crashing, or causing problems? This can be a nightmare for website owners, since you depend on your website to be up and running 24/7. However, did you know that the cause of website problems is often your host? Web hosting is essentially where your website lives on the [...]

As the job landscape continues its seismic shifts courtesy of the Covid pandemic, many people want jobs that better suit a remote work lifestyle. Computer programmer tops a lot of people’s lists. With a median salary of around $88,000 and many companies now accepting self-taught coders, it’s an attractive option. Of course, learning code isn’t [...]