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Do you keep your knives safely tucked away? It’s a bit of a liability to leave them lying around where they can be hurt or injured by others. You’ll want to learn how to make a wooden magnetic knife holder in your kitchen or on your garage wall. With so many options abound, you’ll be [...]

You love building things and working with your hands. You built the deck on your house, and people loved it so much they asked for you to build them one on their home.  This could really be something, and you think it’s time to start your own business deck building. But how do you take this [...]

Handcrafted furniture is an art that is easily turned into a business. We’ll show you how to start selling your work and make a profit from your passion. Are you ready to make a true profit from your passion? It can be difficult finding ways to sell art pieces of any kind to clients, especially [...]