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Get More Bang for Your Buck- How to Increase Home Value for Appraisal

While not all home repairs bring in a serious return on investment, some bring in as much as 90% of what you spend. If you’re looking to have your home appraised at a high price, a few small or inexpensive repairs lead your appraiser to see value in your home. If you want to know how to increase your home value for appraisal, check out our tips to get the number you’re seeking.

Here are four ways to ensure your home value goes up with every dollar you spend.

1. Think Small

When trying to increase a home’s value, most homeowners’ minds wander to answers that involve sledgehammers, paint, and drilling. However, there are lots of small ways to improve your home’s value. Simple changes end up making a huge difference when it comes to improving your home.

Consider a mix of improvements to decor and upgrades that don’t cost too much or involve too much handiwork

Make a list of upgrades to bring home value and another list that’s focused on upgrades just to make you happy. The upgrades to your home could be as unintrusive as replacing faucets, changing around a lighting fixture, or swapping out a door. With a wrench and a drill, this work shouldn’t take you more than a couple of hours.

Other upgrades, just for you, will sound more like changing around furniture, adding some new artwork, and small treatments to your windows. These changes end up making your home more attractive, which brings in higher rates for appraisal. Changing your windows is one of those returns that brings you joy, saves you money on utilities, and ends up adding to your home’s value.

Rather than overspending on upgrades, these small changes, done over the course of a few months, resulting in a higher home value. One upgrade a month brings in serious value over the course of a year.

2. Clean it Up

When your house is on the market, it’s got to look good. If you’ve ever noticed a shopkeep walking around their store, dusting off products or rotating their stock, it’s because aesthetics make a big impact. How clean a product is affects how attracted we are to it.

If you were looking for a home like yours, wouldn’t you rather it look clean and welcoming rather than untidy and dingy?

Make a clean home a top priority when it’s time to sell. This not only adds aesthetic value but also puts you into contact with the nitty-gritty details of your home. You’ll know when something is in disrepair or needs to be replaced.

Home maintenance is a daily struggle, but if you haven’t taken a look at the details of your home in a while, how will you know what’s going on with it.

When you spot problems as they emerge, you get to make repairs while they’re still inexpensive. Mold, rot, and debris turn into serious issues over time. Something that begins as a nuisance quickly elevates to a serious issue when unchecked.

Decluttering and cleaning means that the home that your appraiser is looking is won’t need as much work when it’s time to be sold. That allows you to get a generous rate for it rather than to have dollars taken off because it’s dingy and may have problems underneath all that dirt. Appraisers get to take a quick look and see just how valuable your home is.

3. Work On Your Kitchen

One of the things any real estate expert will tell you is that your kitchen is the best place to upgrade your home. Rather than considering how much value a garage or a pool adds to your home, you’ll get both use and value out of this kind of upgrade. You can add value without .

Start by doing a small and unobtrusive remodel. There’s nothing to bring value to your kitchen like a fresh coat of paint. While it seems minor, those little stains and discoloration that naturally result from cooking in the kitchen can distract from how great your kitchen really is.

A new backsplash adds value and protects the wall in your kitchen. New tile over the counter or behind the stove ensures a clean home while adding a layer of protection. Rather than having to tear into the drywall after a few years of cooking, properly installed tile gets wiped clean every time.

Upgrade your appliances to stainless steel. While you might think it takes away from the warmth and hominess of your house, it’s actually a smart investment as most stell appliances last for decades. Transition each appliance as it falls into disrepair and soon you’ll have a unified look and feel to your kitchen.

4. Upgrade Your Powder Room

Your bathroom may not be the first place you think of upgrading, but it’s the one room where upgrades result in real added value to your home. Your bathroom sees a lot of wear and tear because of the drastic changes in temperature, heat, and moisture that occur in it. This causes structural damage when it’s unchecked.

Check out some home magazines for ideas on ways to improve your bathroom. You’ll notice that the old simple utilitarian aesthetic that once dominated design has disappeared, replaced by something more spa-like. People want their bathroom at home to be a relaxing a pleasant place to clean up and dress up.

Avoid cheap materials and go for something substantial and long-lasting. Granite and marble are the best bet, giving you serious bang for your buck. When a home appraiser sees that you’ve opted for that instead of composite or Formica, you’ll score much higher.

When seeking a higher appraisal, We Buy Houses offer even more recommendations for how to improve your home.

Learning How To Increase Your Home Value For Appraisal Is Easy

When you’re seeking ways in how to increase your home value for appraisal, you don’t have to spend thousands. A few smart decisions cause your value to skyrocket.

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