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Golden Oldies: How to Get Awesome Senior Citizen Discounts and Free Stuff

Senior citizens deserve to be rewarded.

You’ve lived a long life that you should be proud of. If you still have your health and mobility, there is still much more life to live!

But how can you get the most out of your life on a fixed income?

This is where you need to take advantage of your age. There are many discounts out there specifically for seniors. Even better, there’s free goods and services that will make your life a whole lot better!

Age definitely has its benefits. Wisdom is one, but incredible senior citizen discounts are better. Find out more about what you’re entitled to in your senior years.

Restaurant Senior Discounts

Sure there are blue plate specials, but sometimes you want to eat for cheap at any time of the day. Many local and national chains have discounts for senior citizens. You can get as much as thirty percent off your meal!

Some places even offer free drinks or appetizers to seniors.

Inflation has jacked up the prices of everything. With senior citizen discounts, you can pay what you did back in the day for a good meal.

Make sure to have your AARP card on hand. Most of the chain restaurants need this to get the full discounts. Plus, you may look so young they may not believe you’re actually a senior!

Go On and Take a Free Ride

When you grow older you lose your mobility. Don’t become a shut-in! There are discounted and free transportation services for seniors in most towns.

Whether it’s with public transportation or private shuttle services, there is a ride out there for you. If you have a doctor’s appointment, the medical office will do whatever they can to get you there safely and on time.

Don’t get stuck at home, take advantage of a free ride and get out on the town.

Don’t Fear the Tax Man

Paying an accountant can be a major yearly expense. Luckily, there is Tax Counseling for the Elderly to take care of you. The TCE has a staff of volunteers. that IRS-certified to help you file for free.

Take one last concern away from your life and one less expense and contact the TCE before this year’s tax day. They’ll help you get all your  in order. 

Listen Up: Free Hearing Aids!

Hearing aids have been proven to help extend your quality of life. You can stay in better contact with your friends and family. They also help keep your cognitive functions going strong.

Everyone should use hearing aids once they begin to experience hearing loss. Some people are afraid they won’t be able to afford them. That’s why there are free hearing aids for seniors out there to help you hear and live longer and better!

Senior Citizen Discounts

Don’t waste a single moment of your precious time or money. There are many senior citizen discounts out there for you to enjoy.

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