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How to Find/Apply for a Business Loan in 2019 That’s Actually Valuable to Your Company

Nearly half of small businesses are forced to close their doors simply because they lack capital. Without money, you cannot expand your operations, launch new products, or even pay your staff. Having access to working capital is essential to your success.

If you’re a startup or a small business, you know the struggles of securing funding. Some banks won’t give you a loan without guarantees. Others charge high-interest rates or have strict requirements.

Don’t let a lack of capital hold you back! Here’s how to apply for a business loan that has good terms and provides real value.

Assess Your Options

Start by researching the different types of business loans available so you know what to expect.

The Small Business Administration, for example, assists entrepreneurs and business owners with their loan applications.

Basically, it puts them in contact with banks and lenders that charge lower interest rates and have longer repayment terms compared to standard loans. The downside is that it can take weeks or months to have your application approved.

Depending on your needs and circumstances, you may also apply for term loans, bad credit loans, equipment loans, or startup loans. Each has different requirements and appeals to a different market.

If you need money fast, consider applying for invoice factoring or merchant cash advances.

Anticipate Your Financial Needs

When drafting your business plan, consider your potential revenue and expenses. Come up with a financial forecast and set realistic goals.

Let’s say you’re planning to launch a new product over the next year. This means you may need to purchase software and equipment, employ specialists, and tweak your marketing strategy, all of which require money.

Write everything down and estimate the costs involved. Take a strategic approach to borrowing rather than waiting until the last minute to secure funding.

Maintain Good Credit

Regardless of what type of loan you need, you’re more likely to secure funding if you have a good credit score. Pay your bills on time, stay out of debt, and avoid late payments and foreclosures.

A good credit rating shows lenders that you’re creditworthy.

Also, beware that applying for several loans at a time can impact your credit rating. Assess your financing options and choose one that best suits your needs.

Don’t apply for another loan until you hear back from the first lender you got in touch with.

Be Prepared

Most banks and financial institutions will require you to present a business plan and specify how you’re planning to use the money. The more details you provide, the higher your chances of success.

Do your homework before applying for a loan. Make a budget for the next few months, estimate your potential income, and keep your accounting and financial records in order.

Be prepared to demonstrate that your business generates steady revenue and has a solid customer base.

Get More Tips on How to Apply for a Business Loan

Now that you know how to apply for a business loan, take the steps needed to ensure that your application will be approved.

Come up with a well-thought business plan, make a financial forecast, and focus on improving your credit score. Pay off your debts and bring your tax records up to date.

If you need money quickly, consider these options. Remember, every penny matters when you’re an entrepreneur.