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How to Find the Right Long Term Rehab Facility

Nearly one half of Americans have a friend or family member with an addiction.

Part of helping that friend or family member recover often includes finding a long-term rehab facility that fits their needs.

Or, perhaps you’re looking for a long-term facility that fits your own needs as you recover from an addiction.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the things to look out for when it comes to finding the perfect place to help you recover.

Consider If You or Your Loved One Will Need Detox

Detox is a necessary process which helps you get the drugs or alcohol out of your system. Quitting “cold turkey” can be very dangerous, and very uncomfortable. Many people start attempting to recover but stop their journey simply because withdrawal is too uncomfortable to continue. 

Some long-term rehab facilities will offer drug or alcohol detox as part of their program. This may be something you’ll need to consider before deciding to commit to a treatment program.

Whether your health insurance will cover this is also something to consider. 

Can the Long-Term Rehab Facility Treat a Dual Diagnosis?

Not every rehab facility can treat a dual diagnosis. So if you have one, you’ll need to know whether the facility can handle it before you commit to treatment.

Dual diagnosis typically means that you have been diagnosed with two or more disorders. An example of someone with a dual diagnosis might be someone who suffers from a cocaine addiction and anorexia nervosa.

Both of these disorders require intensive treatment, and many times facilities equipped to treat one type of addiction is not equipped to treat the other.

Choose wisely.

Will the Facility Help You or Your Loved One Transition Back to “Real Life?”

One of the great things about rehab is that it gets you out of the stressors or regular life. Whether it be school, work or a toxic relationship, rehab physically removes you from the situation and you can focus solely on your own problems.

At a rehab facility, you’ll also get support 24/7, whereas that isn’t typically available when you’re living your “regular” life.

Many people do well at rehab facilities only to have issues upon release because the issues they had to deal with previously are not present again.

A good long-term rehab facility will have different levels of care. This way, you’ll be able to transition back to your life more easily.

The levels of care might include a transitional home, or halfway house, or attending intensive therapy sessions while living at your home.

Finding the Right Facility for You or Your Loved One

When it comes to finding the right long-term rehab facility for yourself or a loved one, there are no easy answers. What worked for someone else may not work for you. The key is finding the right fit.

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