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How to Run the Best Office Football Pool

What if your football pool could be even more exciting than the big game?

Many offices build camaraderie by starting up football pools. However, a poorly-run pool is no fun and will quickly turn your office mates against each other.

Wondering how to run the best office pool and be the here your workplace needs? Keep reading to discover the answer!

Matching Players and Pools

There are many different kinds of football pools to choose from. Your first step, then, is to figure out the kind of pool that is best suited for your players.

For example, you might personally like all of the complexity that comes from a “pick’em” pool. However, if your coworkers don’t want to dive into anything that is too complex, that pool might be a turn-off.

Conversely, the survivor pool may be attractive because of its relative simplicity. But because such a pool knocks people out very quickly, your office might lose interest in this before too long.

The best way to set something up is to present your office with 2 or 3 options and let them choose what they want to play.

Pool Focus

Just like you must match the pool style to your players, it’s important to match players with the right pool focus.

For example, you have two choices: to base your pool around college football or to base it around the NFL.

Generally speaking, NFL pools are more popular nationwide. But if you’re in the shadow of a major college football program, your office may be more invested in bettering on college ball.

You can always create multiple pools, but it’s important to make sure everyone in the office is fine with doubling their commitment.

Digital Solutions

Back in the day, office football pools were a “pen and paper” affair. However, it can be hard to keep such a pool organized, and your players are going to want updates on the pool in a more timely manner.

This is why it’s important to set up and run your pool online. And this approach has several advantages.

First, it’s easier to set up. You can do it on your phone before you even get out of bed.

Second, it’s easier for your players to interact with. If you want more people to get involved, this is a way to make involvement much easier.

Finally, professional sites make it easy to keep up with your pools as well as sports news. We recommend using Big Al, and it’s easier to learn more about Big Al’s Sports Picks.

Simplicity Is the Key

Here’s a simple truth: there is usually a big gulf between what the pool organizer wants and what players want.

For example, those who organize a pool usually enjoy the potential for complexity. Tons of rules, tons of players…there’s a lot to keep up with, and most pool managers thrive on this.

However, players enjoy simplicity. Make the rules clear, choose an easy digital interface, and make communication simple (more on this in a minute).

Obviously, you don’t have to make things so simple that it turns people away. But if it takes more than a few minutes to explain how your pool works, chances are it’s too complex.

Communication Is Key

The essence of a successful office pool is good communication. For example, you need to make sure everyone has received (and understands) the rules before people start playing.

You should also set up an easy way for everyone to communicate about the pool. The easiest way to do this is through office e-mail, but you’ll need to make sure your workplace doesn’t have any policies against doing so.

If your office discourages such e-mails, you can set up a mailing list tied to personal e-mails. Or you can use communication apps such as Slack or Discord to talk to teach other.

State Law

We have focused a lot of attention on what kind of pool you want to create. There is one final question to answer: whether players will be better any money or not.

Money is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it builds interest in every game because people have money riding on the line.

On the other hand, too much money upfront can turn new players off. And this form of light gambling may even be illegal in your state.

Before starting any kind of money pool, be sure to check with both your players and your state law to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Ante Up

So, your office has decided on betting some actual money. Take our advice: you’re going to need to get their money upfront.

Call it human nature: people don’t want to pay up when they start losing. And it will be much more difficult getting that initial money from someone halfway through the season when their pool choices aren’t panning out.

If any players object to you taking money upfront, be sure to emphasize this is the only fair way to make sure that the winners get all the money they deserve.

Add a Twist or Two

Our last piece of advice is nice and simple: don’t be afraid to add some twists and innovations to your football pools.

It’s true that you’ll get more players by keeping things simple. But one of the things the human heart always craves is variety.

So, try to change things up from season to season. You can experiment with adding special new rules like the ability to temporarily partner up with someone.

Doing things like this keeps things fresh and makes it likelier that people will come back to your pool when the next season rolls around.

Running an Office Football Pool: The Bottom Line

Now you know the secrets to run an office football pool. But do you know all the secrets to run an office?

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