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Is Visiting Prison to See Your Loved One a Good Idea?

There are nearly 1.2 million people in prisons in the US, so if you have a loved one who is incarcerated, you are not alone. You may wonder if visiting a prison to see your loved one is really worth it, or if you want to see them behind bars, or in a prison uniform. 

We are here to help you answer that question. The short answer is yes, visiting a loved one in prison is very much worth it. The longer answer is that there are many benefits to visiting them.

Read on to learn more. 

back view of prisoner standing in handcuffs in corridor

It Helps Them Be Successful Upon Release

Most people who are incarcerated will get out of prison someday. There are studies that show how important it is to have a support system upon release and one way of doing that is to have regular visits and contact with your loved ones while you are incarcerated. 

Maintaining contact also allows the person who is incarcerated to make post-release plans with their family. Having a plan of where they will live, work, and who will be their support network once they are out is integral to their success. Supporting your loved ones is tremendously effective in helping them reintegrate. 

It Helps the Prison Environment

The benefits of regular visits are not just for the post-prison experience. When people who are incarcerated get to see their families regularly, their stress and anxiety levels are lessened. They also engage in fewer incidents of violence while in prison. Visits can be used as an incentive, as they are not something that those who are incarcerated have a right to. 

If these individuals must exhibit good behavior to have these visits, the threat of losing out on this opportunity can help motivate incarcerated people to follow the prison rules.

Children Benefit From Visits 

There are over 5 million children who currently have, or had, a parent who is incarcerated. Having a parent who is incarcerated increases the risk of becoming involved in the juvenile justice system and adult criminal justice system. 

When parents and children are allowed to have visits and maintain communication, children’s well-being is improved and the chance that the family remains intact when the person is released from prison is greater. 

Visiting Prison: Is It Worth It? 

Is visiting prison worth it? The answer is a resounding yes. There are a multitude of benefits for both the person who is incarcerated (both in prison and post-release) as well as the children and loved ones of the incarcerated person. 

Prison visits are a low-cost way to reduce recidivism and keep communities safer once incarcerated people are released. They can also help prevent criminal behavior among younger generations. 

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