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Key Tips and Tricks: How to Grow Your Remodeling Business

All businesses depend on sales, and the sales depend on leads. Lead generation is a very important aspect of marketing for many professionals, but it is tricky for some because they look in the wrong direction.

For many remodeling marketers and company owners, the big questions are, “How can I generate more sales?” and “How do I get more leads?”. Good news is that homeowners are always in the need for remodeling services, from home additions to kitchen remodeling, there are always people who are ready to start on a new project. But that doesn’t mean they will come looking for you.

You have to up your game to survive in this industry. This is because there are many companies offering this service and if you don’t get noticed, you will always miss these deals. You’ve started your remodeling business, but how do you get more leads and grow? Learn everything you need to know for a successful remodeling business.

1. Make Your Website Attractive

Your website reflects the image of your company. When it is poorly done, many customers will imagine that is how your services are. A website is a very important marketing tool and it is among the best ways to get qualified traffic and leads.

If you can design one by yourself, well and good. But if not, you need to hire a professional website designer to help you out. And if you want to track and quantify the traffic that converts to remodeling leads, make sure you monitor your website performance using Google Analytics. This will help you in making informed decisions in good time.

2. Start a PPC Campaign with a Professional

One of the best ways to get traffic and leads to your site so as to boost your remodeling business is to use the pay per click (PPC) ads. You may not be having an expert in your company to do this stuff for you, so, what to do is to outsource from professionals. And when selecting the company to manage your CCP campaigns, ensure you will be the owner of your Google Ads account.

That’s necessary because you also want to earn from the clicks, and in case you cancel your deal with this company, you can hire another company and continue using your Google Ads account. Any company that doesn’t want you to own the Ads account must be malicious and you must stay away from them. Choose a company that’s efficient and pays attention to detail to make sure your PPC account is optimized to give the best results.

3. Learn From Your Mentors and Competition

Networking is another way you can use to boost your remodeling business is by learning from both your mentors and competition. they sometimes contain ideas that you hadn’t thought of before. They might also give you new insights and trends in the industry.

Although most competitors don’t share information about their businesses, you can join an association or professional body such as the national association of Homebuilders ( NAHB). this will give you the chance to interact with them in a free setting, exposing you to their ideas.

Associations also try to provide their members with information regarding new suppliers, market trends and industry regulations that might affect your business. they do this through media such as magazines and email. you can check out this page to learn more about suppliers in the industry.

4. Leverage Your Reviews and Keep Getting More

Reviews are important when you want to stand out among your competitors. Many customers are interested in hearing what others are saying about your business before they can engage you. But how do you get these reviews? The first step is to be active on social media, and the next step is to encourage your satisfied remodeling clients to leave reviews.

Be very responsive to your social media sites by answering all the questions raised and as fast as possible. In case anyone leaves a bad review, follow up with them to ensure the matter is sorted out and then encourage them to report that the matter has been sorted out.

If you don’t have a good number of reviews you can use review collection platforms such as Review Us Now for your remodeling marketing. This will not only help in increasing the visibility of your positive reviews but will also increase the number of reviews you have.

5. Improve Your Customer Service Department

Due to past unfortunate encounters with contractors, many customers don’t have a good feeling about them. factors such as delays, extra expenses, and poor workmanship have all contributed to this poor reputation.

The upside to this is you can take advantage of the situation. Due to the many bad experiences at the hands of contractors, a word about a good contractor goes around pretty fast as well. If you make quality customer service a priority, word will get around and in turn, boost your sales.

Growing Your Remodeling Business

As we have seen, it is not just about starting a remodeling business and then sitting back to wait for customers to come knocking at your door. You must get out there and make your presence felt. If possible try all the 5 tricks discussed above and your remodeling business will never be the same again.

Another good strategy is to team up with other remodeling contractors who are more experienced than you. They will pull you up by even allowing you to help with their work. This gives you a chance to gain experience. If you would like to know more about remodeling business, you can visit our blog.