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Marketing for Lawyers: 9 Ideas and Tips to Grow Your Practice

The legal sector is evolving at such a rapid pace that marketing a law firm is getting harder by the day. The legal sector has become more saturated than ever and standing out and generating business for a firm can be very challenging. Marketing for lawyers can be easy as long as you know what you are doing.

The first thing you need to understand is that the world has gone digital and to succeed, you need to follow suit. Even well-branded law firms are struggling to compete with their tech-savvy counterparts. If you are searching for a slew of ways to market your law firm, we have 9 ideas and tips that could help you grow your practice.

1. Increase the Online Visibility of Your Website

When potential clients want to know more about your firm, the first place they will look is your website. We cannot stress enough how important it is to have a well-designed website that communicates what you do to them.

Your website needs to have a call to action that actually increases your business. Calls to action need to be strategic enough to be effective and you need to hire a highly qualified digital marketing firm to give you that.

While the services of a law firm website specialist will cost you, it will be well worth it in the end because you’ll gain more clients. Your website needs to be reliable, professional and trustworthy because this is exactly what your clients are looking for in a lawyer.

Beyond that, your website needs to be user-friendly in terms of navigation. Spacing, scrolling, and loading times, otherwise your clients will easily skip to your competitor’s website.

2. Use Testimonials On the Website

A good number of people have become very keen about customer reviews and testimonials because they serve as a trustworthy resource of information. This means that if you include testimonials on your website, you will show your potential clients why you are the best possible lawyer they could hire.

Testimonials will showcase happy clients, portraying your law firm in a very good light. Marketing for lawyers can actually be more successful with video testimonials because they tend to be more compelling.

3. Your Website Needs to Be Responsive

A huge percent of all website traffic is derived from mobile devices. Most people rarely use their computers to search for anything anymore, given the rise in the use of smartphones. This makes it imperative for your website to be mobile responsive, have fast loading times, and be well optimized. As a legal marketer, one of the best marketing ideas for law firms is having a responsive website.

4. Have An Online Appointment Booking Option

Call to actions and conversions are the foundation of your law firm and if you add an online appointment booking option, you will accomplish both aspects. This is an incredible way to capture client information. They will just direct themselves to come to you and discuss what legal problems they are going through.

Most people don’t like making calls and this option will serve as an easy way to book an appointment.

5. Develop High-Quality Legal Resources

Before blogs looked weird on professional websites but now, they have become an integral part of most businesses, including legal firms. Law firm marketing can get very easy with a blog because it draws people to the website. Even when people are not necessarily looking to hire a lawyer immediately, they are looking for information about the cases they are about to face.

You can present yourself as an expert or a legal resource and offer people this information. People are always looking for advice and if you want to know how it’s done, see here.

With an authoritative tone and informative articles, you are bound to win clients over because they’ll seek help from a lawyer who provides expert advice. This will also increase your domain authority and improve your search ranking. Win-win.

6. Know Your Competition

One of the most imperative parts of marketing for lawyers is understanding the competition. Never make the mistake of ignoring your competitors. They are also doing everything possible to come up top and you may save yourself some trouble and finances if you identify what techniques they are using.

You may have overlooked methods that work and implemented others that do not. The competitive analysis could help you go a long way.

7. Optimize For Local Searches

Optimizing for local searches is one of the best marketing ideas for law firms because national ranking doesn’t necessarily equate to revenue. Local searches use Google My Business and local keywords in order to be listed on local business directories and to link to other local businesses.

The law firm’s profile pages should include pertinent information that includes phone numbers, email addresses, and law practice categories. Adding the business to directories like Yelp will also improve your online visibility. You will still have a national presence, but you will be more visible to local clients.

8. Grow Your Online Presence Through Social Media

Your website aside, social media is the next best platform to market your law firm. If envision a legal organization that’s not only successful but one that is changing lives, you need to utilize all the platforms available. Social media has become an incredibly powerful weapon to wield.

Use Facebook ads to remarket your firm. You see, just because a client has visited your website does not mean they will hire you. You need to reappear in their line of sight for them to consider you.

9. Cultivate Referrals from Clients and Customers

Never underestimate the power of referrals for your law firm business. A major lead generation method is referrals from friends, colleagues and best of all, former happy clients. Referrals will not just happen.

They need to be cultivated to make it a point to tell them you are looking for referrals. Networking is an excellent method to send emails, call clients and do everything possible to make it known that you would like more clients.

Marketing for Lawyers Isn’t as Hard as You Think

If you want to utilize every chance possible to make your law firm succeed, you need to utilize some of these top marketing ideas for law firms. Take note and make it a point to implement some or all of the tips above if you are looking for a prosperous and profitable business.

If you’d like to know more incredible marketing for lawyers ideas, you can find more information on our website. We’ll also be happy to hear from you so kindly contact us.