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My Car Is a Junker, What Now?: How to Get Rid of an Old Car That Doesn’t Run

Well over 39 million used cars were sold a couple of years ago in the United States.

That’s a lot of pre-loved vehicles exchanging hands around the country.

Clearly, there’s a market for old cars.

But it’s one thing to sell a used car that works. It’s an entirely different thing altogether to get rid of one that doesn’t. What are your options if that’s the situation you’re in?

Thankfully, all is not lost. Got a beaten up old junker on your front lawn? No worries. There are more ways than one to rid yourself of it. You might even bag a buck or two in the process! Interested?

Keep reading to discover exactly how to get rid of an old car that doesn’t run.

How to Get Rid of an Old Car That Doesn’t Run: 7 Easy Methods

How on earth do you get that broken car off your hands? Here’s how to do it.

1. Contact Junk Removal

This is the quickest and easiest way to get rid of your piece of junk old vehicle.

Simply call up the local junk removal service and they’ll come and take it away. However, you’ll have to pay for the service. The car will probably be dismantled for anything of value, and then put in a crusher on the junkyard.

If you’re going to take this route, then be sensible about it. Don’t settle on the first junkyard you find. Ring around to get different quotes and find the best deal possible.

Likewise, only do this as a last resort. Remember, there may still be some value in the car, even if it doesn’t actually run. With a bit of effort, you can make some money from it instead of paying money out.

2. Renovate and Sell It On

Why not take the time to renovate the car?

Heck, you might have bought the vehicle for that sole purpose anyway! Indeed, there’s a whole community of people around the country who buy old cars, do them up, then sell them on for a profit.

With the right tools and knowledge, you can have the car back up and running in no time at all. If you’ve got the will and the way, then this may be your best bet.

That said, it’s often dependent on the car’s state of disrepair. It’ll be a harder task for cars that have been out of action for long periods. Assess the situation and proceed accordingly. Here’s a handy guide to common automobile problems you can fix yourself.

3. Sell the Parts

Broken cars take up space. Have you thought about dismantling it?

Again, some level of expertise may be required here. You need to know what you’re doing (and have the necessary tools) to successfully take apart a vehicle without damaging the parts.

Nonetheless, if you manage it, then you have a chance of selling on the parts of value to willing buyers. Indeed, there’s a large market for used car parts in the US. That’s especially true when they’re from rare and popular models.

Sure, most parts are worth more when they’re operational. But you never know what gems there might be within your old vehicle.

It’s worth doing some research beforehand though. Look into the demand for parts from your particular model. There’s no point (other than to make it easier to scrap) going to the effort to dismantle it if nothing will sell.

4. Sell for Scrap

The metal in your car may be worth something too.

Metal recyclers may be willing to pay for the remaining parts (after you’ve sold as many as you can). Scrap recyclers are the people to call. Ring around your local area to see what you can find.

Some junk removal firms will pay for the metal in the form via removing it for free. You pay in the form of its metal value, as opposed to actual cash.

5. Donate it to a Good Cause

Another easy way to get rid of a car is to donate it to a charity.

Indeed, there are a number of charitable programs that take old vehicles. They’re often used as a project for underprivileged people. They may do the job of dismantling the car and selling on the parts. Or, they may renovate it from scratch and sell them on.

Be reasonable though. Charities may be unwilling to take entirely derelict and obsolete vehicles. As you may know, they can be more of a hindrance than a help. Only donate cars with some degree of value left in them.

6. Sell to a Damaged Car Service

You might be surprised how much value is left in that hunk of junk on your driveway.

It might have dents and scratches all over it. It might be rusting and rickety beyond measure. It may not have run in a decade.

And it still might be worth something. Get in touch with a damaged car service (such as Cash Junk Car) to check. It’s worth a shot, at least. After all, they might take it off your hands and offer you money in the process.

7. Auction It Off

Auctions are our final suggestion for how to get rid of your junker.

Indeed, this is an increasingly popular way of buying and selling used vehicles. People are often looking to find a bargain at auction. Look to see if there are any auction houses in your area.

Your broken car might not sell. And don’t expect much if it does. However, you may be surprised. All you need is the right person looking to buy at the right time. They might see something in your vehicle that you don’t.

If you’re at all unwilling lose money on the car, then be sure to put a reserve on it.  

Time to Wrap Up

There you have it: exactly how to get rid of an old car that doesn’t run any longer.

Millions of used cars are sold every year in America. However, it’s far more easily done when it’s operational! Thankfully, all is not lost for anyone needing to get rid of an incapacitated vehicle. Indeed, there are numerous options at their disposal- some of which might even earn some money.

Hopefully, the ideas above have provided some ideas on how to do it.

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