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Office Space: The Best Office Furniture to Improve Morale and Productivity

Your employees spend a large portion of their days in your office. That means as their boss you owe it to them to make them as comfortable as you can. You can do this by improving the lighting in the building, adding in a few plants, or by bringing in comfortable furniture.

The right furniture won’t only make your employees more comfortable but it will also increase their productivity and prevent them from being injured while on the job. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

To help you give your office a little makeover, here are some of the best office furniture options that you could go with.

1. Ergonomic Chairs 

Ergonomic chairs are created to adjust themselves to your employee’s unique shape rather then them having to adjust themselves to a chair. This makes them more comfortable to sit in for hours at a time. 

Not only are they comfortable to sit in but they actually prevent injury. Many cases of back and neck pain happen from not using proper posture. Ergonomic chairs fix this by encouraging you to sit in the correct way.  

When your employees are in less pain and more comfortable that will make them leagues happier and more productive. 

2. Standing Desks 

Sitting all day can make you stiff and cause serious back pain. Standing should always be added into the mix because everyone needs to stretch now and again. That’s why you should incorporate standing desks in your office. 

Standing desks give employees the chance to get up and stretch. This will reduce their chances of back injuries. While you may think that standing would make it harder for your employees to type and perform workplace functions, that can’t be less true.

Standing improves the mood of employees which gives them more energy to perform tasks. They’ll be more productive than ever.  

Anti-Fatigue Mats 

Going off the standing desk, if you’re worried about your employees being in pain from standing for long periods at a time, you can couple them with anti-fatigue mats. 

It gives them an even and comfy surface to stand on. It’s better for their feet and joints than standing on the office floor. 

3. Exercise Ball 

Allow your employees to ditch the office chair and sit on an exercise ball instead. Like the ergonomic chair, they promote better posture. Your employees will get to have the benefits of less neck and back pain while also working on their core. 

Your employee will welcome the chance to work while also burning calories. It’s not that many calories mind you but it’s enough. Your pregnant employees will appreciate this option because sitting on an exercise ball will make their pregnancy go smoother. 

4. Storage Furniture 

You’re going to need a few bookshelves or cabinets. Your employees can’t keep everything at their desk. They won’t be able to work for all the things piled up around them. Give them something to put their paperwork in. 

Also, having a shelf where you can put your printer will reduce workplace injury. You’ll be able to stuff cables behind the shelf so they aren’t out on the floor asking for an employee to trip over them. 

5. Conference Table 

There comes a time when you’ll have to hold a workplace meeting so you’ll need to have at least a small conference room. One of the most important aspects of this room is the table. 

Its size of the table needs to be equal to the size of the room and the employees that you have. It should fit comfortably in the room so your employees have enough room to move around. 

You don’t want the table to be too small or your employees won’t have enough room to work. they’ll be knocking things over.

You also don’t want the table to be so large that they have to get up and walk around the room or shout so everyone can hear them. Conferences should be simple and productive not frustrating chaos. 

Couple an appropriate table with an eames office chair and you’ve got a pretty comfortable room set up. 

6. Ergonomic Computer Accessories

This counts less as furniture and more as equipment but since your employees will be spending so much time in front of the computer, accessories are something that you need to keep in mind. Here are a few ergonomic options.  

Desk Tray and Keyboard

An ergonomic keyboard plus desk tray will allow your employees to sit a proper posture for typing. They’ll also be able to avoid conditions like Carpal Tunnel because their hands will be at a comfortable place on the keyboard. They won’t have to stretch their fingers. 


Supplying ergonomic computer mice for your employees will give their wrists a little relief. Due to the shape, they will have to use their entire forearm when they’re using it rather than only their wrist.

This will again, reduce their chances of Carpal Tunnel. Also, it’s just more comfortable to use than regular computer mice. 

Best Office Furniture for Your Hardworking Employees 

Your company couldn’t run without the help of your hardworking employees. The least that you could do is provide them with the best office furniture to make their jobs easier. Consider picking up some of the comfortable furniture in this article to keep your employees productive and happy. 

Proper furniture isn’t the only thing that keeps a business going ’round. Check out our blog for more tips like the ones you read here to keep your business running for years to come.