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Profit From Your Passion: 10 Hot Fitness Business Ideas for Health Entrepreneurs

Looking to start a business that gets you out from behind a desk? Want to do something that helps you stay active and fit?

If you have a passion for fitness, perhaps you should consider starting your own health-related business. It’s the perfect endeavor to profit by doing what you love.

Not sure what type of business you should start? We want to help. Check out our ten best fitness business ideas you can start now.

1. Become a Personal Trainer

There are always people who want help getting fit or maintaining their health. That’s why personal trainers are always in demand, even in a down economy.

A good place to start is by contacting gyms in your local area. Most gyms will bring you on, either as a freelancer or as a staff instructor. 

You’ll need proper certifications that are accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). We recommend checking out Ace fitness certifications, which are all certified by NCCA.

2. Open a CrossFit or Boutique Fitness Studio

CrossFit boxes and boutique studios are generally smaller clubs with an outstanding sense of community. The people who frequent these studios are tired of the “globogyms” and don’t need all those workout machines.

Instead, they are looking for a more personal approach. They want outstanding coaching and a group of supportive participants who can become their good friends. 

These studios are known for their large open spaces and minimalistic feel. Typical features include free weights, jump boxes, mats, squat racks and pull up bars. To that end, start-up costs are significantly lower than most larger gyms, and you can quickly.

3. Open a Yoga Studio

Are you passionate about finding your spiritual center, and helping others do the same? Opening a yoga studio will give you that opportunity to profit by sharing your yoga expertise.

This ancient practice is gaining in popularity and not only for fitness reasons. Many people practice yoga to help manage health issues or for overall wellness.

Most American yogis are certified by the Yoga Alliance. In the beginning, you can teach the classes yourself and then add qualified people to your staff as your clientele grows. Add another revenue stream by including retail space in your studio. You can sell everything from mats and bags to yoga clothing and jewelry.

4. Start Your Own Group Training Classes

Group training classes are a great way to start a fitness business. The best part is the overhead is extremely low. You can literally offer your first classes in a public park and graduate to a warehouse or studio as your business grows.

Success will depend on two things: Your expertise at crafting unique, fun and effective workouts and your ability to market and brand your business.

For example, you can focus your brand on fitness transformations. Or becoming warriors or elite fitness athletes can be your focal point.

Although Tough Mudders is not a group training class, it’s enthusiasts are thrilled to be “mudders” and enjoy the sense of community. Your job will be to create that strong community spirit within your group.

5. Open a Wellness Center

Many health and fitness professionals open wellness centers to provide a wide variety of treatments and services. You can follow their lead and even bring in other entrepreneurs such as nutritionists, life-coaches and other healthcare professionals to address your client’s needs.

Kristopher Chaffin started his own health entrepreneur company focusing on natural healing to help patients. Learn more about how Chaffin found success and now helps other health professionals with the business side of things.

6. Sell Supplements

The U.S. weight loss and diet control market is now worth $72 billion. Why not carve out your piece of the pie by selling a supplement that works well for you.

There are two paths you can follow. One way is to partner with your favorite supplement company and become a distributor or reseller. Or for a bigger profit margin, you can collaborate with a company and develop your own supplement.

Marketing is going to weigh heavily in your success. Paid ads on Facebook and Google can get the ball rolling. Another effective strategy is to get micro-influencers with huge followings on Instagram or YouTube to promote your product.

7. Create a Health and Fitness Blog

Blogging is a fun and creative way to earn money sharing your passion. Growing your audience takes time, but your patience will pay off. Many bloggers earn between $3,000 and $100,000 per month through display ads, courses, affiliate partnerships, and sponsorships.

Starting a health and fitness blog is a simple process. The initial blog setup can be done in about a half hour and you can integrate your style and design as you go along.

8. Become a YouTube Fitness Vlogger

Do you like to be on camera? Are you comfortable leading a workout or sharing your health and fitness knowledge? If so, creating videos for a YouTube audience is a low-cost way to establish yourself as a fitness authority.

YouTube allows you to tap into a massive audience. You can monetize your videos by allowing YouTube to insert advertisements before your content. You can also instruct viewers to visit your website and purchase workout plans, ebooks, courses, nutrition plans and so forth.

Athlean-X, Tone It Up, and Clean and Delicious are three very popular YouTube channels that demonstrate what you can accomplish by posting quality content on a consistent basis.

9. Write a Book

If you’re an expert on any area of health and fitness, there’s never been a better time to write and sell your own book.

Pitch your idea to publishers and literary agents. Alternatively, you can publish the book yourself. Self-publishers may not sell as many books as traditional publishing, but the profit margins are generally higher since you’re not sharing revenue with a publisher.

Sell your book on Amazon through Kindle Direct Publishing. Promote your book on all your social channels and purchase Amazon or Facebook paid ads to get the ball rolling with initial sales.

10. Help Kids Get Fit

It’s also an opportune time to help kids get fit. After school sports and activities are falling victim to budget cuts. Video games and digital devices are providing entertaining distractions. And busier-than-ever parents often swing by fast-food restaurants to quickly feed their kids.

In short, kids aren’t as active or fit as they were in years past. And concerned parents are eager to pay someone to help their kids stay fit in a safe environment.

If you’ve got a way with kids, and know how to make exercise fun, you can do very well as a fitness instructor for kids. Offer your classes in a park or partner with a local gym to offer fitness classes tailored for kids.

Just think of how gratified you will feel helping to improve the health and confidence of kids who need it.

Final Thoughts on Fitness Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs. 

These ten fitness business ideas should give you a good idea of the ways you can make a living practicing your passion.

But whatever endeavor you embark on, it’s wise not to take on a lot of debt in the beginning. Instead, start modestly by bootstrapping and building your business as your revenue grows. It’s a more financially sound way of creating a sustainable business.

you need to start a business.