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Rise And Shine: How To Become A Beauty Influencer In 2019

The recent health and wellness boom opens up a great opportunity in related fields. Beauty sits high on that list. After all, a huge reason people want health and wellness are to stay looking young and beautiful.

Do you hope to launch a career this year as a skincare guru? Learn how to become a beauty influencer to start 2019 on top of your game!

How to Become a Beauty Influencer for 2019

can feel both exciting and overwhelming. If you want to launch a new career, make sure you rock it! Keep reading to learn all about becoming a successful beauty influencer.

What is an Influencer?

Before explaining how to become an influencer, let’s look at what an influencer does. An Influencer excels in their niche and develops a following. They build this following and influence product sales based on their expertise, authority, position, and relationship with their followers. 

Understanding this will help you on your journey to successfully becoming an influencer. Let’s break it down.

Build Your Knowledge Base

To gain expertise, you must develop your knowledge in all aspects of the subject. For beauty, you should understand the basic science behind skin care, and the different ingredients that affect hair and skin.

Do you know what causes wrinkles? What about the pros and cons of popular wrinkle treatments? You need to know both old tricks and new trends.

Taking classes will help you learn and develop skills from other experts. Attending beauty conventions and seminars will keep you up to date in your field. Pay attention to new research and technology in the beauty industry as well.

Reading blogs written by other influencers will not only build your knowledge base, but it will also help you learn effective ways to showcase your own knowledge. Read this post from Rockwell Razors for a perfect example.

Choose Your Niche

Though you want overall knowledge, choose the aspect of beauty that interests you most. Then focus your efforts here. 

If you want to sell beauty products, it may seem like you will make more money by selling all sorts of beauty products. But if you focus your energy on one thing, like skincare, hair care, nail care, or an even more narrowed topic, then people will view you as the guru in that particular focus.

You want to know the ins and outs of your niche. You need to keep up on the peer-reviewed research in this area, to wow people with cutting-edge facts.

Develop Your Platform(s)

How will you reach your followers? You need to properly develop strong social media platforms.

This does not mean simply making a social media page and friending people. You need to work this as a business because it is. Sell yourself, and then sell your product or services.

Do you know how to become an influencer on Instagram or any other social media platform?

To become an influencer on social media, you need to make yourself seen, useful, engaged, active, persistent, approachable and available. Your content should reflect your customer’s desires, and not simply float your own ego. Use your listening skills to give your buyers the content that they ask for.

Make sure you brand yourself and stick to it. This means keeping color, style, and content consistent. 

Fight the urge to add everybody. Figure out your target market and start friending them. Quantity means nothing if you do not carry quality followers.

Make your content engaging and shareable. Encourage your followers to share your helpful tips.

Hashtag the right way. Do no #simplyhashtagjusttousethething. Hashtags help you to categorize your posts. 

You want your hashtags to:

  • creatively describe your post (#healthyhairicare)
  • say your niche (#beauty, #skincare)
  • brand you (#insertyourbrandhere)
  • speak to your community (#forthebeautiful)

These things put your posts in extra places. Ensure that they go places your target market will see.

Whether you use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and/or another social media giant, mix up your posts with inspiring quotes, product pics, relevant news, and facts. Also throw in a real life selfie every now and again to connect your followers with you.

More platforms more people, right? Possibly. 

However, keep in mind that each platform takes a lot of work to run successfully. Probably focus on two, unless you outsource your help. You want to post daily, to keep yourself active in your niche community.

Building a following will help develop your authority in your niche.

Build a Website with a Blog

You need a website. Every influencer owns their own website. Stay away from easy to build Wix sites for professional work. 

Build a legit webpage where users can easily find you and navigate all of the options.

Blogging takes a ton of time and effort. But it is totally worth adding a blog to your site.

Lifestyle bloggers give their target market something interesting and useful to read, without making them feel buried in ads. This also allows your followers to share your stuff!

You can add links in your blogs that go to expert sites and some that strategically link back into your own page. If you do not possess killer writing skills or SEO knowledge, then you may want to hire an SEO company to build a killer blog for you.

Set Yourself Apart

Find a way to stand out. You want to do what works for other influencers, but you also want to stand uniquely on your own. Get your creative juices flowing and set yourself apart from the competition.  

Promote Your Brand

Despite the fact that you may sell products associated with your brand, as a social influencer, you are your brand. Promote yourself religiously.

Develop a fantastic ad cam. This also means staying true to your brand through your actions. Once people recognize you, they will notice everything you do, good, bad, and ugly.

Stay out of trouble and do genuine good. Help out a charity that fits your niche with time, money, or whatever resource you can spare.

You will not need to tell others about it, because word will get out. This will promote you in pure light. If you want to influence beauty, first act beautifully.

Start Influencing Beauty Today

There is no better time to become a beauty influencer than in 2019. Now that you know how to become a beauty influencer, seek out the assistance you need for building your brand.

Check out our that can help thrust your business project into motion!