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Setting Up Success: 10 of the Fastest Growing Careers in the US

Are you looking to start a new career?

You’re not the only one. In fact, one-third of employees plan to leave their current job within 12 months. 

If you’re considering a new career, you should find one that’s future-proof. Check out this list of ten of the fastest growing careers.

1. Agile Coach

The role of the agile coach is one of the fastest growing jobs. This role helps corporations, individuals or teams, adopt agile methods of working.

An agile coach acts as an advisor.

Agile coaches first observe the team and then lets them know what is working and what isn’t. These advisors don’t tell people what to do, rather leave them to fix issues themselves. 

2. Home Health Aide

If you enjoy serving and helping others, consider the position of a home health aide. The baby boomer generation is aging and it’s estimated that older people will soon outnumber children for the first time ever in the United States.

With the surge of aging people, the need for home health aides will increase. The people in this career choice help older people at home (or in group homes) who are no longer able to help themselves.

Some people may have chronic illnesses, disabilities, or other impairments that require extra care.

More and more people will look into hiring home health aides. This will allow the individual needing care to keep some of their independence while providing comfort to the entire family.

3. Medical Assistant

Another growing career that’s within the medical field is that of a medical assistant. Medical assistants do both clinical and administrative work. They can work in a variety of locations:

  • hospitals
  • healthcare facilities
  • doctor’s offices
  • outpatient care clinics

Medical assistants can check patient vitals and updating patient information in the computer system. It’s not necessary, but a post-secondary degree, like an associate’s degree, can increase your odds of landing a job as a medical assistant. 

4. Management Consultant

As a management consultant, you will help organizations and companies improve performance and maximize business growth. Management consultants usually specialize in specific fields or niches. 

The ideal consultant will have industry expertise, advanced education, and experience within the field.

5. Financial Manager

If you have a love of numbers, maybe you should consider a future career as a financial manager. Some of the duties of this role include monitoring accounts, analyzing market reports, reviewing financial reports, and researching ways to improve profitability.

Financial managers need to have an analytical mind, be tech-savvy and have a great ability to solve problems. This career opportunity is expected to increase by 19% by the year 2026.

Financial managers can receive a great salary ranging in the six figures. 

6. Construction Laborer

Not all jobs require a college degree. Construction laborers are one of the fastest growing careers. If you are skilled in a specific trade, this may be an ideal career choice for you.

Construction laborers are typically self-employed. Starting your own construction business can be a rewarding opportunity for you to grow. If you want to start your own business in a trade, this could be a great fit.

7. Medical Secretary

Another of the promising careers in the medical field is a medical secretary. Some of the roles of a medical secretary include billing, scheduling appointments, filling out patient charts, filing reports, and answering phone calls. 

Medical secretaries help manage the day to day duties within a health provider’s office. 

8. Software Developer

Technology is a growing field that’s not slowing down. This is another six-figure career where you could make a very good living if you have the experience and expertise.

A software developer is someone who creates software. This includes research, design, and programming.

A developer should have a college degree and a creative mind. Software developers can work in a variety of places such as financial institutions, design firms, and software publishing companies.

9. Information Security Analyst

Safety and security is and will continue to be a huge concern for people. An information security analyst is someone who monitors networks for security breaches.

These analysts protect the safety of our information.

There are several places where an information security analyst can find work. Such places include:

  • insurance companies
  • financial institutions
  • major corporations
  • tech companies

These jobs will become increasingly popular as the years go by. Information safety and security will always be a priority.

10. Marketing Specialist

A marketing specialist is among the growing jobs of the future. Marketing specialists or research analysts study and review market data to help companies decide what products they should and shouldn’t sell. 

Some of the roles of a marketing specialist include:

  • gathering data on shopping habits
  • analyzing demographics
  • finding the gaps within a specific market
  • researching a company’s competitors and price points
  • conducting surveys

In order to be a successful marketing specialist or research analyst, an individual should be hardworking, great with numbers, a strong critical thinker, and have analytical skills. This position also requires a bachelor’s degree.

 The Fastest Growing Careers of the Future

Starting a new career can be both an exciting and scary experience. The best thing to do is think of what you love to do and find a job doing that.

It’s also important to start brushing up on certain skills now so that you will be ready to explore new opportunities with the fastest growing careers. Read more here on what skills will be necessary.

Have you considered starting your own business? If you’re wanting to learn more about becoming an entrepreneur, check out our entrepreneurship blog for tips and advice.