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Should Your Small Business Use Mac or PC?

Did you know that as of 2018, 73% of U.S. adults have owned desktop computers or laptops? In fact, since 2008, computer ownership in the U.S. has remained stable at more than 70%.

Among those who own desktops, Windows continues to be the dominant operating system. At the moment, Windows OS accounts for 72.59% of the U.S. desktop operating system market share. Whereas Mac’s OS X accounts for only 18.72%.

It’s clear that Windows PCs are still a top choice for many U.S. consumers. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should already bypass Mac. Especially if the Mac or PC you’re thinking of getting is for your business.

Don’t worry though, as we’ll give you a quick rundown of Mac vs PC for business use. Keep reading so you’ll have a better idea on which one to choose!

Why Go Mac

Let’s look at a few situations wherein a Mac may be your more ideal option.

Ease of Use

Mac’s main selling point is that its maker — Apple — designs all its very own hardware and software. This means that the OS and all the apps initially installed are custom-made for the device. That also means all Apple devices and programs work seamlessly with each other.

As a result, many Mac users find it easier to get used to using their Apple devices. They can actually start using their iMacs or Mac laptops straight out of the box.

Plus, there’s a lot of nifty accessories, which you can read about and see more here, that makes Mac usage even better. Think wireless remotes for presentations and elevated MacBook stands for ease of operation.

Fewer Security Vulnerabilities

Mac devices are also less prone to cyber threats like viruses and malware attacks. One reason is because of the fewer Mac users out there, which means fewer potential victims.

The Standard Used in the Design Industry

Many would argue that Macs gave birth to digital graphic design. When it first came out, it featured elements ideal for desktop publishing requirements. These included a graphical user interface (GUI) and drawing and typographic tools.

There’s also the fact that Mac gave birth to Photoshop. Up to now, Adobe’s programs are still the most commonly used in graphics editing.

When PC May Be A Better Choice

Now, let’s look at the pros of Windows PCs for businesses.

Easier on the Pockets

Most people deciding over a Mac or PC for business go for the latter because of its affordability. For instance, your $1,000 budget can get you a serious PC setup with many bells and whistles. Whereas the same amount of money can only get you a MacBook Air.

More Customizable

Speaking of bells and whistles, PCs are far more customizable than Macs. There are plenty of upgrade options, like CPUs, extra ports, and other accessories. This makes it a better choice for businesses with large teams and varying work needs.

The Standard for Most Other Businesses

For businesses that aren’t design-centered, PCs are often the top choice. Again, that’s because they’re highly-customizable and upgradeable. Also, with PCs being so widespread, it’s more likely that everyone in your team is familiar with their use.

Consider these Pros and Cons to Decide Whether to Get a Mac or PC

As you can see, choosing either Mac or PC all boils down to your specific needs and wants. If you want a business standard with loads of design options, a PC may be the better choice. If your needs are more creative in nature and you want a simple interface, then a Mac may be the better option.

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