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The 3 Absolute Best Management Software Programs for Your Business

In 2018, businesses spent nearly $400 billion on enterprise software.

Having the right software can make a huge difference in how efficiently your business is run.

However, it can be difficult choosing between the number of options which are available today. This is especially true when your budget is smaller than that of large businesses.

To avoid spending more money than you need to on the management software you need to run your business, we’ve gathered a list of the best options on the market today. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Microsoft SQL Server

The first type of management software we’re going to cover is from a company that’s been around since the dawn of the computer, Microsoft.

This is a database management software which is designed to help your business keep all of your data where it belongs. It also provides you with the ability to easily analyze it to keep track of expenses and more.

One of the biggest draws to this software system is that it integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft programs including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

If you’re already storing data in any of these programs, it could make Microsoft’s SQL Server a great option for data management.

2. TimeCamp

One concern many business owners has is with how their employees are spending their time on their computers. Are they truly putting in work for the full eight hours of their shift, or are they wasting half their day on social media?

To find out how productive your employees are being, consider getting TimeCamp. This time management software program can help you see exactly what your employees are spending their time on.

This system also tracks attendance so you can toss out that old time clock for hourly pay. You’ll instead be able to instantly see when employees come in or punch out.

What also makes this program great is that everything is automatic. There’s no need to spend your time figuring out how to set the system up so you can jump right into boosting productivity in your company.

3. Landport X1

If you’re looking for a way to make work and maintenance orders faster, easier, and more cost-effective, then you need to learn more about Landport X1.

They’ve been in the business for over 20 years and have a proven track record in a number of industries, including hospitals, building management, and office buildings.

Landport X1’s cloud-based system means all you have to do is subscribe to their services. There’s no need to buy, install, and maintain any actual software on your computer systems, making it incredibly easy to get started.

Once someone submits a request for work, you can forward the request to the appropriate person who then notifies you and the requester when it’s complete. With the work order system streamlined, it can save you time and trouble.

In addition to providing you with a proven system, Landport also trains everyone involved, taking the guesswork out of signing up.

How to Choose the Best Management Software for You

As you can imagine, not every business needs every management software program that exists. For example, if most of your employees receive salaries, you won’t need to track their time too closely.

Here are a few tips on how you can choose which management software option will be best for your company.

Saves Money

If something isn’t going to ultimately help your business save money or make more money, it’s simply not worth having. For this reason, you need to carefully consider how a software program will help your company financially.

Let’s consider a business that doesn’t have a large sales force. If they set up an expensive system designed to make sales easier, there’s no guarantee that it would actually bring in enough extra business to be worth the expense.

Saves Time

One of the ways enterprise software helps your business save money is by saving time. This is particularly true when it comes to upper management who are generally paid more than other employees.

Upper management should be able to focus on the vision of the company and working to make it a reality. If they spend much of their day juggling maintenance requests, this can make it difficult for them to do anything else.

This is where programs like Landport come in handy. By making that process faster and easier, upper management can maintain their focus on growing the business, ultimately increasing your bottom line.

Designed for Your Industry

Although some programs, like Microsoft’s SQL Server, will work with any industry because it manages data which all companies have, other management programs are designed for certain industries.

Some business owners will use less expensive management software for their company because it’s designed for businesses in general, not their industry. However, many industries have specialized needs that require specialized software.

Imagine how well it would work if a hospital used a system designed for restaurants. Could they keep detailed and confidential patient records? Could they easily order the tests they needed?

When you use a system designed for a certain purpose, it’s going to help your business grow because that’s what it was designed for. Consider areas of weakness in your company and look for software that can strengthen them.

Proven Track Record

There are some newer management software programs that are worth taking a look at. After all, with so many advances in technology, it only makes sense that new solutions are being created for new problems.

However, if you have an old problem that needs to be solved, then you’ll want to look for a company that’s been around for a while. When a software program has been helping other businesses for 20+ years, you know they’re doing something right.

Want More Business Advice?

Now you know three of the best business management software programs that can help your company be more organized, productive, and efficient. We also gave you some tips on selecting the best one for you.

If you want more advice on running a successful business, be sure to check out our blog. There, you can find posts for your industry or specific aspects of your business that you need to work on.