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Thinning Hair Clients: How Your Salon Can Successfully Market to This Demographic

People with thinning hair often get neglected in terms of salon marketing. But, it’s a huge client base! Read on to earn how to market to thinning hair clients.

35 million men and 21 million women suffer from hair loss in the United States.

Those men and women are your clients! Well, not all of them, but they are a demographic hair salons neglect while marketing.

Hair loss and balding hold a stigma within our society that makes many of those people ashamed to talk about their hair.

As a salon, you can help! Here are some marketing tips for clients with thinning hair.

Start in Person

A lot of your marketing as a salon is done when your client sits down in your chair.

Start with communication. Ask your client about what they love and what they hate about their hair. They’re likely to bring up hair loss or thinning.

Now, you have an in. Begin talking to them about products, styling or haircuts for thinner hair. Your client trusts your judgment on ways to help them look and feel more confident.

Your salon could even create a special treatment package made for clients with thinning hair. Put together a salon-ready treatment for when your clients come in and a take-home bundle of products for when they leave.

Tell them more about how the products work, how often to do the treatment, and what results to expect.

Your client is going to see the effort you put in and tell their friends or family with hair loss issues to come to see you!

Client Testimonials

There is nothing more convincing to potential clients than testimonials.

Once you have a solid base of customers using your products, packages, or loving their new cut and style– ask them if they will speak about it!

Videos, before and after photos, and interviews can go on your website, social media pages, and brochures!

Get clients excited about their hair restoration and enthusiastic to share their story.

Print and Digital Materials

Take a close look at your marketing materials. What are the ages of the models? Do they all have thick, luscious, and vibrant hair?

Consider a change! Use a variety of posters, images, and reference materials that use models from every age group. Your clients are diverse, why shouldn’t your marketing be?

When you print brochures, include your hair loss treatment package. If you decide not to create one, use models 45-years or older.

Using only young models alienates your clientele and will not bring in their business.

Community Partners

Partner with other businesses in your area. Doctors, specialists, and surgeons are great options for partnerships.

Speak with them on what they suggest for clients with thinning or baldness. Ask them if you can use them as references when your client needs more than a shampoo.

Arrange the partnership so you can leave print materials in their offices or have the doctors themselves recommend you for the beauty aspect of hair treatments.

Once these relationships are in place you can build a steady, loyal client base.

Market Thinning Hair

To grow your business and appeal to clients, you’ll have to confront the balding in the room.

Take these marketing tips and transform your salon into the leading business working on this issue. For other business tips, find assistance here.