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Tips for Finding Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

81% of remodelers have cited bathroom remodels as their most common projects.

Aside from having a more functional, better-looking space to live in, home renovations are also a great way of increasing your home’s value.

However, the entire process has to be handled correctly right from the start else there will be little or no tangible benefit to your home.

The remodeling contractors you pick can make or break your project. This makes your contractor choice one of the most significant decisions you will make before embarking on a remodel.

So how do you pick the right bathroom remodeling contractors to work with? Here are a few tips to guide you.

1. Get Clarity on the Remodel

First things first. What exactly do you want to achieve with the remodel?
This is important to understand because it will help you narrow down your search and will help you when creating a budget.

Think about the changes you want to make and the specialized services you might need as well including electrical and .

2. Direct Referrals to Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

If anyone in your circle has recently had a bathroom remodel, they are a great starting point. They can tell you which bathroom contractors they used and how the overall experience was.

3. Scout the Internet

Basically, after you have a few companies in mind, it’s time to look deeper into them individually.

Here, you want to look at their website as well as any other information that crops up off their website.

From the website, you want to look at the team and some of the qualifications they bring to the table.

If there is specific information you cannot find, note this down. When you do call/email them, you can ask specific questions about the additional information you require.

You also want to check if they have done bathroom remodels before.

The other thing to look for is reviews from other customers. What are people saying about the contractor’s professionalism and their ability to stick to time frames, budget and so on?

4. Budget

Going into a remodel without a budget is a gross mistake.

Your budget will determine the scope of the remodel, the appliances and fixtures to use, as well as which contractors to go for.

When shopping for a contractor you want someone that’s within your budget, but one that will do a great job as well.

Therefore, find a few good contractors who can execute what you want, request them for quotes and use these to carry out price comparisons.

Remember, nothing is cast in stone until you sign a contract. Feel free to negotiate.

5. Contractor’s Personality

Depending on how much work you are doing on your bathroom, the entire process will take you a few weeks, to a month or even longer.

The contractors you pick will virtually be in your house every day for this duration. For this reason, you will want to look into their personality.

This might sound strange but think about having an abrasive, loud team of contractors in your house each day for a month or longer.

Now consider that you’re the personality is on the extreme opposite of theirs. You would indeed be in for some trying times.

Whenever possible, pick someone you have a good rapport with, right from the vetting stages. Someone you feel comfortable brainstorming and communication on your remodeling needs with

This should also be someone you feel has a good understanding of what you want and can implement it.

They should also be flexible enough to adjust to your needs, should your vision for the remodel change along the way.

6. Transparency

A remodel is not a small undertaking financially and time-wise.

You, therefore, need a clear, simple-termed contact that covers the major issues and terms of your engagement with the contractor.

The major items here include the cost and how the billing will be done. Similarly, there should be reasonable projections alluding to how long the entire remodel will take.

The contract should also state clearly what the recourses should be, in the event that the stated terms are breached.

Avoid a company that is reluctant to give you a contract or one that forwards you a vague or overly complex contractual agreement.

7. Seek Proof of Insurance and licensure

At the very least, your contractor should have personal liability and workers compensation cover, just in case there is an accident at your property.

Builder’s license in America differ from state to state. You can visit this site to see the specific licensure required in your area.

You can also inquire about their accreditation, industry memberships, and affiliations.

8. Years of Experience in the Industry

Look at how many years the contractor has in carrying out renovations.
Companies that have been in business for long know the ins and outs of construction as well as the area policies regarding construction.

They are also likely to have the right personnel. In the event that a specialist is required, but the contracting company lacks one in that field, they will know an appropriate person to call.

You are also allowed to bring in your own people for specialized jobs such as shower regrouting and sealing. 

9. Review Payment Terms

Negotiate a payment plan that covers you.

Some unscrupulous contractors will move on to another job without satisfactorily completing yours when full payment has been made.

To avoid this, pick a company that allows you to pay no more than 10% before the work starts. Also, go with a company that will allow you to make the final payment after the job is done.

Blacklist any contractor that wants full payment upfront.

Don’t Rush into It

For your home improvement project to be successful, you need to plan and prepare well. This includes having clarity on what you want as well as finding remodeling contractors that understand your vision.

The funny thing about renovating one room in your house is the itch to upgrade other rooms in the house to match it. Is your kitchen next? Check out for tips on kitchen remodels.