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Top 5 Communication Tools for Small Businesses

Have you ever wondered how you can better your company’s communication?

Without communication, businesses are unable to grow. It’s essential because you need to have multiple teams communicate with one another if you want to take care of large tasks.

Because of this, using a variety of communication platforms will allow you and your employees to communicate without a problem. You’ll be able to communicate no matter where you go, and your office will be much more efficient.

Read on to learn more about the top 5 communication platforms to use for your business!


Unified communications as a service (UCAAS) is a system designed for businesses that want to take advantage of cloud technology. Using UCAAS gives businesses a platform that allows employees to communicate with one another and customers.

These systems are cloud-based, so you can use it anywhere if you have a computer or smartphone. One of the biggest benefits of UCAAS is that it can provide employees with work numbers, allowing them to use personal phones to make business calls.

Aside from phone calls, users can communicate with each other via video chat, and businesses can host conference calls with a large number of people. The best part about a UCAAS system is that it integrates with other applications, such as Skype and Outlook.


Slack is a business communication app designed for employees to communicate with one another, primarily through messages. You can use Slack on a browser and as an application, allowing you to access it through any device.

One of Slack’s core features is having multiple channels that you can use for different things. For example, you can have one channel designed for a sales team, one for management, and another for customer support.

This makes communication between separate teams easier because the conversations aren’t mixed with unrelated messages.  

In each channel, you can send photos, videos, and upload documents. Each channel’s privileges can be changed so that a business can choose what kind of content people can send. You can also link apps to Slack and bots that can post things.

You can use a bot to post reminders, fun facts, and other things relating to your company. You can also link Slack with Google Docs. This makes sharing files easier because you can access them from Slack. 

Coworking Space

A coworking space is an area where several people from a team can work together. Most companies set up coworking spaces if they’d like to promote a teamwork environment because they’re easier for employees to communicate.

You’ll often see a coworking space that will have several large tables, chairs, and sometimes computers. Employees can come in and work whenever they’d like, or an office will make a similar setup as their default work setting. 

Working in these spaces also allows employees to network with people from other areas of the business. Aside from promoting teamwork, this creates a friendly environment because people are more likely to get to know one another.

Instead of having people from one department of the company come to another department to work on a project, a coworking space acts as a neutral meeting area. The large tables allow groups to work on projects that typically take up a lot of space, such as designing. 

Social Media

Social media has quickly become one of the best communication tools for businesses and individuals alike. There are a variety of platforms, with the largest being Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Today, over 3.2 billion people are actively using social media.

What makes social media unique from most communication tools is its ability to bring people together on a closer level. For example, Facebook allows you to make groups, events, post photos and videos, and share articles.

You can enter Facebook, create a group for your company, and start communicating with them in any way you’d like. While this shouldn’t be your only method of communication, it’s a simple way to get started.

Many businesses will use social media with programs like Slack so that they can cross-post things. This ensures that everyone gets the same messages because some people don’t like using certain platforms.


WhatsApp is a texting tool that is used on a phone, but you can also access it on a browser if you pair your phone. This app allows people to communicate with their phone numbers, no matter the country. Someone from the US could text someone from Europe without paying anything.

Users can also create group chats that can have up to 100 people. Photos, videos, documents, and audio messages can all be shared within the app. Along with messaging, you can make phone calls and video calls, so it’s one of the best office communication apps for startup businesses.

Start Using These Communication Platforms Today

Communication is one of the most important parts of a business. Because of this, you’ll need to implement a variety of communication platforms to ensure that everyone stays on the same page. It also allows you to get more work done because you won’t need to visit a person to share ideas.

If you’d like to get the most out of communication platforms, start using a UCAAS system for your company. You can also use apps like Slack, WhatsApp, and social media for your mobile devices. Consider adding a coworking space for people to mingle whenever they’re working on projects.

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