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Top 5 Tips for Downsizing Your Home

So you’re looking to downsize your home for something a little more manageable.

While it’s a great idea for freeing up your finances and improving your mental health, it can also be a bit of a tricky move.

You’re essentially having to condense all the stuff you’ve collected over the years into a much smaller space. So you’ve got to be strategic in your approach and ruthless in your undertakings to make it a smooth transition.

These 5 tips for downsizing your home will help make the whole process so much easier. Let’s take a look…

1. Take Stock of Your Stuff

When you have space it tends to get filled up easily. But in a smaller home that space becomes highly valuable. So before you move you’ve got to decide what you need to keep, and what needs to go.

It can be brutal, but you’ve got to be strict in what you sacrifice. Do you need it? Can someone else use it? Can you sell it for extra cash?

Not only is this necessary but it can also be quite freeing to have less stuff. And you can help someone else who might really need it.

2. Measure Up

It might seem like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised how many people move into their new home only to discover their couch doesn’t fit. So unless you’re planning to take a chainsaw to it, you better make sure you measure up first.

Make a note of all the larger items you’re taking with you and their dimensions. Then measure up the rooms they’ll be going in. If they don’t fit you’re going to have to make a few more changes.

3. Consider Multipurpose Furniture

As furniture takes up the most space, when downsizing your home it’s also useful to know how to downsize your belongings. But rather than opt for furniture that looks like it came from a doll’s house, be smart and make it multifunctional.

So instead of taking your couch, swap it for one that folds out into a bed. Get a bed with storage underneath, or a desk with built-in shelves and drawers.

These days there’s some really innovative furniture that can maximize your space without losing utility.

4. Get Digitized

Think about how many files, photos, and documents you have cluttering up the place. Now everything is going digital, it’s time to take advantage of it.

By taking pictures and scans of everything, you can upload them online to make sure they’re organized, safe, and accessible from anywhere.

You can also do this with all of your music and DVD collections. Just transfer the files to a digital format and you can fit them all onto a portable hard drive that’s the size of a passport. This is a huge space saver, and good for the environment too!

5. Plan Ahead

If you know in advance that you’re downsizing your home, you can save yourself a lot of hassle by planning out everything ahead of time. This includes all of the above tips which can be compiled into a downsizing home checklist.

If you need a clear out, do a little each day so you don’t get overwhelmed near moving day. If you do run out of time, consider hiring help from moving companies such as 7 Brothers Moving & Storage that can help you declutter fast.

Keep a notebook on everything from measurements to costs, dates, and inventory. Being as organized as possible makes everything go much smoother.

Summarizing Tips for Downsizing

Moving home can be tough, especially when it’s to a smaller space. But hopefully, these tips for downsizing will help lighten the load and make moving more manageable for you.

Above all, a plan is key to getting it right. So long as you cut down, measure up, and think creatively, you should be much better equipped for moving forward.