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Want to Open a Sports Bar? Here’s How to Set Up Your TVs

A sports bar is truly only as good as its TV setup. If you want to open a sports bar, this article will show you how to get your electronics in working order.

Anyone that goes to sports bars knows that the TV setup is crucial. If you want to open a sports bar, you have to consider this as you try to deliver the best possible customer experience.

You’ve surely been to a bar that had the wrong setup. It was either hard to see, didn’t have enough games, or you were sitting somewhere that made it impossible to enjoy the game.

As a potential of a sports bar (or just someone interested in the topic), there are several things to consider when setting up your TVs. Let’s take a look at what you need to do to maximize the customer’s experience.

Assess Your Space

Of course, the first logical step is to look at the space you have to work with. Consider how much wall space you have to mount TVs and where they may be in relation to the bar itself.

The key to doing this is to stand in the position of every potential table or seat in your bar. If you have yet to purchase furniture, map out where it might go and stand in those spots around the room.

Can you see the TVs from all of the spots? Which seats might not have a good view? Can you adjust them?

Corners are always a popular spot, but make sure that the guy in the back booth can still see a TV if the corner one isn’t in a good spot for him.

On a football Sunday or during another big game, you’ll have unhappy customers if 3 friends can see the game but 1 cannot. Make sure every position in the bar has access to a TV.

How Many?

The next step is to consider how many TVs you can have in the bar. Obviously, the space you have available is going to be a big consideration. But you also need to know your budget.

The good news is that LCD TVs are getting cheaper by the day. Depending on your budget, you should be able to pick up a fairly large amount of high quality viewing television sets.

Consumer reports show us why it’s doesn’t always pay to get a cheap TV. Everyone loves a bargain, but not to the point that they can’t see the game or enjoy it as much.

How Will You Maintain?

With any business, it’s always important to think ahead. After buying a bunch of high definition televisions, you’ll have to consider maintenance for them so they last a long time.

For example, who might you go to for antenna repair? Will you pay someone to come in and clean your equipment? And do you have the warranty information if something goes wrong with one of your new TVs?

How Will You Frame?

For both safety and aesthetic reasons, it’s important to consider the types of frames you will use to mount your TVs. Use high-end frames and don’t skimp on cost, because you never know if a cheap frame is going to come apart and fall.

Ideally, you are securing each TV mount into a stud in the wall instead of drywall. This will help keep them sturdy and make it less likely anything bad ever happens.

How Will You Wire?

One thing to keep in mind is the locations on the bar walls (or roof) where you can run wires and cables without them being noticeable. A good sports bar not only has TVs, but decorative walls that support the local team (or a bunch of teams, to be safe).

You want your wires and cables to be discreet or hidden from view entirely, and also in a spot where no one (including your staff) will ever trip over them. You certainly don’t want customers injured, and dealing with worker’s compensation is no picnic, either.

Which Package Will You Order?

Now that you’re making some progress on the physical location and logistics of your television setup, one of the last steps to opening a sports bar is to consider which sports package you will order for your TVs.

While some will obviously be pricier than others, it’s probably best to consider some of the following factors:

  • Which teams/sports do you want to be a known sports bar for supporting and showing games? (i.e. a “hockey bar” or a “Cubs bar”)
  • Which teams/sports do you not want to show? There may be a healthy balance between what you’re interested in personally and what paying customers might miss out on if you’re unwilling to order or play certain sports.

Honestly, the more programs you have available, the better. Even if you don’t like the World Cricket Championships, paying customers might.

Inquire about packages like NFL Sunday Ticket, MLB Extra Innings, and others with your local TV providers and see what your budget can handle.

Last but not least, get HD. Standard definition TV packages are the last place you want to cut costs on.

Open A Sports Bar- Wrap-Up

Considering 6 subcategories were required to talk about the necessities of good TV mounting in a sports bar, it might take you a bit to plan out your approach.

If you want to open a sports bar, there are a lot of factors to consider. When it comes to the TVs, some good things to keep in mind are the following:

Your space matters, so arrange tables for maximum viewership. Also consider how many high definition TVs your budget can handle, and how you’ll maintain them over time. Last, decide how you’ll frame and wire your equipment so it’s safe, aesthetically appealing.

And of course, pick packages people want to come by for a beer to enjoy.

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