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What’s the Difference Between a UX Writer and a Content Writer?

The role of a UX writer or designer is very different from that of the copywriter. But not many people know the difference. They assume that they are the same.

In fact, UX writing is very complex and involves much more conceptualization than copywriting. As a result UX writers often charge much higher rates. 

Here is the difference between copywriters and UX writers. 

Content is All about Sales, UX is about Existing Customer Experience 

Content writers are focus on driving sales by attracting customers to the website. UX is all about ensuring the customers already on the website have a great experience. They must be able to find the information they need.

Content writers think about the words and sometimes the SEO whereas the UX writers think about the relationship between the words and the design. They try to understand how the site works holistically and the psychology behind this. In an age of internet compulsion where every site is vying for our attention, this is important. 

This is what UX design firms think about when they start work on a new project and why many businesses are starting to hire UX design firms as well. 

What the User Wants 

This experience is all about understanding what information the user wants and needs. It also includes establishing what visitors are going to do on the website and how a UX designer can facilitate this. 

This can include decisions about how buttons are labeled and the order in which the buttons are displayed on the page. There might also be pages that very few people access. It would not be helpful to the vast majority of visitors to place buttons for these on the homepage.

A content writer would not take this into account. They would ensure that the content on the page flowed correctly and freely and reached the most amount of people. 

Sometimes it might be easy to imagine a copywriter and a UX designer clashing over how much information should be displayed on the page.

However, a UX designer’s jobs is collaborative and should incorporate the copywriter, the graphic designer, the SEO experts, and the programmers as well as the client themselves to ensure all of their needs are thought about. 

User Psychology 

A good UX designer will often have a background in psychology and will understand the needs of the customer or user and how they think.

There are lots of elements to take into account here including the color scheme and the relationship between the size of the text as well as the formality or informality of the language that is used.

The element of psychological understanding employed by many UX writers enables them to charge a higher rate but often requires them to have higher level qualifications. 

As UX designing is a new concept the role itself is adapting and can be very different in different companies and industries.

The Varying Roles of a Content Writer

The role of a copy or content writer, although more defined, can also vary and their involvement with the content of the website might often depend on the budget and nature of the website. It is important to keep this in mind when submitting a CV.

Some companies want their content writers to focus solely on writing consistent and strong copy and look for those with a journalistic background whilst others have a solid idea of what they want already and want it written in a way that is SEO friendly. 

A content writer might also be involved in writing regular blog content for the website and this too can vary.

It could involve putting out original content such as interviewing a local celebrity or covering events that the company puts. It could be more about putting out content that is less original but that is going to be helpful to visitors browsing the website. 

Sometimes the client might have a clear idea of content ideas for their website and will send the content writer a document with their ideas. The content writer simply acts on that or the content writer might need to come up with ideas themselves. 

But largely speaking a content writer can work on their own whereas a UX designer needs the input of others in the company. 

 UX Writer VS a Content Writer? Both Are Useful 

When considering the difference between a UX writer and a content writer it is important to note that both are important. But both serve different roles. It is not the case of choosing between one or the other.

A content writer just thinks about the copy on the website or the blog whereas a UX writer contemplates the holistic experience. A UX writer or UX copywriter takes into account the whole of the experience including the words on the buttons and not the menus.

A UX designer will often have some background in psychology. This enables them to gauge what a user looks for in a website and how to ensure they can find the information they want maximizing the likelihood of a sale.

They must have a clear idea of who their target customer is and what their needs are. In short, a UX designer is about ensuring customers are satisfied once they are on the page, a content writer is about attracting customers and visitors to the website. 

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