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Free Photography Services Contract Template

Photography Services Contract Template

Photography Services Contract

Client's Name:


Client's Address

Address: _________________________

City: __________ State: ___ Zip: ____

Photography Location:


Photography Date: __________ Start Time: __________ End Time: __________

Proof photographs that shall be delivered to Client on the following date: ____/____/____

The least amount of photographs that will be taken: __________

Maximum number: _________ Photographer's Fee: $__________

Deposit paid in advance: $__________

1. The above mentioned client shall pay the Photographer for all extra costs that the Photographer may have for travel, meals, and parking in addition to all other reasonable and customary costs in order to complete this stated contract.

2. The above mentioned deposit is non-refundable if the Client does not show or changes the session. If the Photographer does not appear at the agreed location and time specified above, the deposit shall be refunded in full to the Client.

3. The Proof Photographs will be delivered to the Client on a compact disk. The Client will then provide the Photographer a written list of proof images that final photographs shall be made and indicate the number along with format of the final photographs to be delivered for each individual proof image. Please see the attached Price Schedule for all available final photographs and formats along with their respective prices.

4. The Client will assist and cooperate with the Photographer in gaining the requested photographs, such as specifying the people and location to be photographed; assisting the Photographer in posing at the Photographer's direction; pre-session consultations, etc. The Photographer is not going to be responsible for photographs that are not taken due to the Client's failure to be cooperative and of reasonable assistance.

5. The Photographer keeps the copyright of all photographs and hereby issues the Client unlimited but non-exclusive rights to use or reproduce the purchased photographs.

In agreement to the above mentioned terms the Client and Photographer sign below:

Applicable Law

This contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of __________ in __________ County and any applicable Federal Law.

_______________________ Date_____
Signature of the Client

_______________________ Date_____
Signature of Photographer



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