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Letter To Dispute Bill

Notice of Dispute
Billing Error

July 18, 2024

Fredrick Supplies, Inc.
Attn: Wilson Fredrick
2567 Oak Street
Dallas, TX 00000

Dear Mr. Fredrick,

I am writing you this letter to provide you formal notice that Invoice #3849 from Fredrick Supplies has a billing error. On line item #5 your inventory count designates a delivery of 50 cases on the 1st of this month.

This is a billing error as your driver, Randall, delivered 50 units instead of cases. As I'm sure you understand a count of 50 cases is not normal and will also be reflected in your own inventory count if reconciled.

I have enclosed a payment of $842.65 for the amount due based on correcting 50 cases to 50 units.

Best Wishes,

John Williams
Hungry Texan, LLC
1234 S. Main Street
Arlington, TX 76010

cc: Accounts Payable

Invoice #3849

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Letter to Dispute Bill


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