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Employee Handbook Outline Template

This outline is designed to give you a roadmap for you to create your own Employee Handbook for your company.

Employee Handbook Template

Employee Manual Outline

1. Introduction

1.1 Policy Changes

1.2 Job Applications Policy

1.3 Employee / Work Relationship

2. Employee - Definition of

3. Workplace Policies

3.1 Non-Discrimination

3.2 Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality

3.3 New Hire Orientation

3.4 New Employee Probationary Period

3.5 Company Hours

3.6 Lunch Time

3.7 Break Time

3.8 Personal File Information

3.9 Employee Personal Information Changes

3.10 Emergency Office Closing Due To Weather and Emergencies

3.11 Employee Performance Feedback and Goal Setting Meetings

3.12 Employment Outside Company

3.13 Disciplinary Action

3.14 Employee Termination

3.15 Safety

3.16 Employee Health Issues

3.17 Workplace Medical Emergency

3.18 Company Building Security

3.19 Employee's Personal Items

3.20 Purchasing In The Company Name

3.21 Employee Expense Policy

3.22 Car Parking Policy

3.23 Visitation Policy

3.24 Citizenship Policy

4. Employee Conduct Standards

4.1 Employee Attendance Policy

4.2 Absentee Notification Policy

4.3 Harassment

4.4 Company Phone Use

4.5 Employee Appearance

4.6 Controlled Substance Abuse

4.7 On Company Site Tobacco Product Use

4.8 Employee Internet Usage

5. Employee Pay and Salary Policy

5.1 Salary Raises

5.2 Time Worked Recording

5.3 Overtime

5.4 Employee Payday

6. Benefits Program

6.1 Employee Insurance

6.2 COBRA Policy

6.3 Social Security and Medicare Withholding

6.4 Retirement Plan

6.5 Vacation Policy

6.6 Holidays

6.7 Military Leave and Jury Duty

6.8 Professional Development

7. Communication with Employees

7.1 Quarterly Company Wide Staff Meetings

7.2 Posting of Important Information and Announcements

7.3 Employee Suggestions

7.4 Employee Complaint Procedures

I have read and agree to follow this Employee Handbook.

_______________________ Date_____
Employee Signature




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