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Petty Cash Policy

Use this form to create a policy that formalizes how your managers handle petty cash funds. Topics include securing, creating, payments and vouchers, reimbursing, transferring and closing a petty cash account.

Petty Cash Policy


This policy defines the policies and procedures to be followed when starting, administering and ending the use of petty cash funds for small incidental cash purchases by employees for an amount up to $100.

The company's policy is to create a petty cash fund for a department when appropriate to improve operations based on providing availability to cash for small purchases of products and services where it is not practical or efficient to make the purchase through the normal process of a purchase order.


The manager assigned is in charge of ensuring the security of petty cash money held by their respective department. All cash and vouchers for expenditures must be held in a locked cash safe box with access limited by a key held by the manager. The manager in charge is responsible for the petty cash thus access to the funds must be always held in the safe box.

The petty cash fund will be reconciled on a regular basis by the manager and audited occasionally by their supervisor. The manager must ensure that the cash and hand plus vouchers with receipts is equivalent to the total amount disbursed to the petty cash account. The petty cash must always be maintained separately from other cash drawers, any other revenue and personal money.


Write a request providing justification of the petty cash account along with designation of the manager in charge. This should include the manager's name, department, date and signature.

Create an account payable request for the approved petty cash fund

The manager will receive funds along with the petty cash policy which must be signed upon receiving.


An employee making a purchase with petty cash must follow this process
1) Obtain approval from department manager or supervisor
2) Complete a petty cash voucher issued by the department manager
3) Obtain petty cash funds for the equivalent amount of the petty cash voucher
4) Make the purchase and obtain a receipt
5) Provide the receipt to the department manager

If an employee does not obtain petty cash funds prior to the purchase, the employee should complete voucher, submit receipts and receive reimbursement as soon as possible after purchase is made.


Reimbursement of the petty cash fund must be completed at least once per month regardless of the month. Additionally the petty cash fund must be reimbursed at year end. All reimbursement requests must be made by making a request to accounts payable.

A reimbursement request must include the department, each receipt along with the corresponding accounting code to be applied against. Overage and shortages must be applied against the appropriate account as well.


When responsibility of the petty cash fund is transferred to another person, the original custodian must replenish the fund to its original cash balance by requesting reimbursement for all vouchers and receipts. Upon doing this the management supervisor must be notified in writing of the change in custodianship.


When petty cash is no longer needed for a department the fund should be closed by reimbursing the fund as outlined above and then the account should then be returned to accounting providing a credit back to the original account withdrawn from.

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