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Sample Process Improvement Plan Template

Process Improvement Template

Process Improvement Plan

Primary Goal and Intermediate Goals-
The results that you would like to achieve. Set priorities for a six to nine month development cycle.

Purpose of Goal-
Why do you want to achieve the goal? Make sure that you are able to achieve your commitments.

Establish a review process with clients to negotiate features for a six to nine month development cycle.

Rate each feature based on value of the customer and cost to develop on a 1 to 10 scale.

Check progress and take corrective action.

Review all project commitments with senior managers, engineers and the customer to obtain agreement.

Perform risk management related to the schedule, resource and technical aspects of the project.

Establish incremental delivery plan to phase in lower priority features.


Time Estimate




Continuous Improvement

Forms and templates assisting with improving employee performance

Corrective Action

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Process Improvement Plan

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