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Sample Letters About Coronavirus

Letter To Employees About Coronavirus

Coronavirus Forms & Templates

Liability Waiver & Release

Daily Symptom Check In

Employee Temperature Log Sheet

Company Visitor Sign In Sheet

Letters To Customer About Coronavirus

Letter Announcing Store Reopening

Letter To Customers About Coronavirus

Letter To Customers About Closing

Letter To Temporarily Close, Open Online

Coronavirus & Protocols

Sample checklists and protocols for mitigation and social distancing

Business Signs

Signs have been placed at each entrance pf the business to inform employees and customers that they should

(a) avoid entering the business if they have symptoms

(b) maintain at least six feet distance from others

(c) sneeze and cough in a tissue or if not available then elbow

(d) not shake hands or have unneeded physical contact with other people.

Employee Health

(1) Everyone who can work from home has been told to do so

(2) All employees have been told not to come into work if sick or if they have any symptoms

(3) Employee symptoms are being checked before entering the business

(4) All desks and work areas are separated by at least 6 feet

(5) Reduce the use of employee break rooms to maintain social distancing

(6) Purchase of face masks for employees

(7) Require employees to wear masks over both the nose and mouth when indoors and 6 feet of separation cannot be maintained for physical distancing

(8) Mandatory temperature checks and monitoring for employees

(9) Contactless payment systems are being utilized or if not available then payment systems are sanitized regularly

(10) All high contact surfaces will be sanitized at the end of the day

Coronavirus School Letters

Letter To Parents About Coronavirus

Email To Parents About Illness & Flu