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Telecommuting Agreement

The following Telecommuting Agreement Form is to be used with a successfully completed Telecommuting Site Survey Checklist.

Telecommuting Agreement

This contract agreement for Telecommuting between ___________ ("Employer") and _________ ("Employee") is made and entered into upon the following date: ____/____/____.

The above mentioned Employee agrees to participate in the telecommuting program and to follow the guidelines and policies set forth in this agreement. The Employer agrees with the Employee's participation and also agrees to the below mentioned guidelines and policies.

Terms and Conditions:

The Telecommuting Agreement between Employer and Employee as stated above is subject to the following terms and conditions:

Duration. This agreement will be valid for the following terms with a start date of ____/____/____ and an end date of ____/____/____. When the end date has been reached, both the Employer and Employee will conduct a review which may result in the re-activation of this agreement.

Work Hours. The Employee's work hours and work location are specified in the additional Attachment at the end of this Agreement.

Pay and Attendance. All pay, leave and travel that is entitled to the Employee will be based on the employee's primary business location. The Employee's time and attendance will be recorded as executing official tasks at the primary business location.

Leave. The Employee must receive approval before taking leave in accordance with previous established Employer procedures. By signing this Agreement, the Employee agrees to follow the previously discussed procedures for requesting and obtaining approval for time off.

Overtime. The Employee will continue to work in their previous pay status while working at his or her home office. An Employee who works overtime that has approved in advance will be properly compensated in accordance with all applicable laws. The Employee also is of the understanding that the Employer will not under any circumstance accept the results of unapproved overtime work and will actively discourage it at all times.

Business Owned Equipment. For the Employee to be able to perform their assigned work tasks he or she may use the Employer's business equipment at the telecommuting location with the approval of the Employer. All business equipment must be protected against damage and unauthorized use at all times. The Employer owned equipment will be serviced and maintained by the Employer. If the Employee provides any equipment it will be of no cost to the Employer and will be maintained by the Employee. Employer inspections will be conducted from time to time to make sure that proper maintenance of the Employer's business equipment is being performed and that all safety standards are being upheld by the Employee. Notice of such visits by the Employer must be given to the Employee with at least a twenty four hour warning in advance and the inspection must be conducted during normal business hours.

Liability. The Employer will not be held liable for any damages to the Employee's property that may result from participation in this Telecommuting Agreement.

Reimbursement. The Employer will not be held responsible for any operating costs that are incurred, home maintenance, and or any other additional costs such as utilities that are associated with the use of the Employee's place of residence. The Employee also does not give up to the Employer any right to reimbursement for authorized expenses that are a result of conducting the normal business of the Employer.

Workers' Compensation. The Employee is covered under the Worker's Compensation Law if there is an injury during the course of performing any official duties for the Employer at the telecommuting location.

Work Assignments. The Employee will meet with their Supervisor to receive all work assignments and to review any completed tasks as viewed necessary by the Supervisor. The Employee will complete all assigned work according to established work procedures that are mutually agreed upon by the Employee and their Supervisor that are in line with those guidelines and standards that are stated in the Employee's Performance Plan.

Employee Evaluation. The Employee Evaluation of job performance will be based on all normal and or other benchmarks that are established from past performance along with occupational standards that are consistent with these guidelines. For those specific jobs that do not have an established guideline to base work upon, regular progress reporting by the Employee will be required and used to rate job performance and also establish standards for future use by the Employer. The Employee's most recent Performance Review must show that all standards are fully achieved to participate in this Telecommuting Agreement.

Records. The Employee will apply all approved safeguards to protect the Employer's records from any unauthorized disclosure and or damage. All work that is done at the telecommuting location shall be considered the Employer's business. All records, papers, computer files, and correspondence must be protected for their return to the primary business location of the Employer.

Curtailment of the Telecommuting Agreement. If the Employee falls short of meeting all standards on their Performance Review this Telecommuting Agreement will come to an end and the Employee will have to return to the primary work facility of the Employer within thirty days.

Performance Location. The Employee agrees to always limit the performance of assigned duties to the primary business location or to the approved telecommuting location that was discussed in the Telecommuting Site Checklist. Failure to comply with this stipulation may result in the termination of the Telecommuting Agreement and or other disciplinary action may be taken by the Employer.

_______________________ Date_____
Signature of the Employee

_______________________ Date_____
Signature of the Employee's Supervisor

Telecommuting Procedures

The following hours and locations have been agreed to in support of the Telecommuting Agreement and Telecommuting Site Checklist.

Primary Business Location:


Telecommuting Location:


General Work Hours:
DAY OF WEEK Hours Location (Home, Office, Other)

Additional Comments:




_______________________ Date_____
Signature of the Employee

Employee's Name

Address: _________________________

City: __________ State: ___ Zip: ____



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