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Sample Tree Removal Estimate Template

Print out and use this tree removal estimate form when you go out to your next new job site and are estimating costs for tree removal.

Fixed and Variable Tree Removal Estimate Factors

Fixed Estimate Factors:

  • Receive job, get tools, and fuel all equipment.
  • Organize work site, tools, and traffic signs.
  • Executing work order, climbing tree, cutting branches, etc. for specific tree size.
  • Clean up work site, brush put in chipper, cutting up wood for specific tree size.
Variable Estimate Factors:

  • Travel time to work site.
  • Work site obstacles such as electric wires, traffic, and buildings.
  • The disposal of debris at work site or haul to the waste station.
  • Travel time back to home office.

Tree Removal Job Estimate Form

Your Company Name

Phone: (000)000-0000

Date: ____/____/_____

Job Name / Location:
















This estimate is for completing the job described above.

Estimated Job Cost:

Estimated by:


_______________________ Date_____

It is solely based on our evaluation and does not include material price increases or additional labor and or materials that may be needed should unforeseen problems or adverse weather develop following the start of the job.



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