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Sample Two Week Notice Letter

If you are not working under a contract that states you must give a two week notice then writing a two week notification letter is not mandatory under "at will" employment. You may just walk out the door if you so desire. Due to the fact that "at will" employment under common law where no contract is involved is defined as employment that is presumed to be voluntary and indefinite for both employees as well as employers.

Two (2) Weeks Notice Letter

It is extremely important that if you are looking to leave your current job that you give management at least 2 weeks notice of your resignation. This is a general rule that should be followed whether you work a basic retail job or are the CEO of a major corporation.

Why Should I Give My Company Notice of My Resignation?

The purpose of a two weeks notice is primarily to ensure that you leave your current position on good terms with your current employer. This is extremely important in case you may ever need a letter of recommendation or a referral in the future. Many companies that are looking to hire you as a new employee will understand that you need to give your current employer time for a smooth transition.

By giving your employer notice of your resignation, you also provide them plenty of time to find a replacement to fulfil your position. If you are in a position of authority or management, it may even be advised to give 3+ weeks advanced notice of your leaving the company. This will not only give them time to find a replacement, but also have you train the person that will be moving into your position.

However, only give your notification once a new position has been secured. Many times, management will go ahead and release an employee from their duties once a resignation letter has been submitted.

About Writing Two Week Notice Letters

  • Though not required common courtesy and maintaining a good reputation suggest writing a two week notice. Check your company's policy manual to be certain what is called for.
  • If you do not give a two week notice and it is required you may be forfeiting your accrued vacation time.
  • If you are leaving at a critical time for your company you may consider giving a four week notice.
  • Keep the two week notice letter short and to the point.
  • State explicitly that it is time to move on. However, emphasize the positive and speak briefly about how you have benefited from working with the company.
  • Always offer to help with the transition.
  • Leave on good terms and do not be negative.

Sample Two Week Notice Letter

[Your Name]
[City, State, Zip]

[Date of Letter]

[Recipient's Name]
[Company Name]
[City, State, Zip]

Dear[Recipient's Name],

Please accept this letter as my notice of resignation from [Company Name], effective [date, two weeks from the date above]. It has been a pleasure working with you and the associations I have made while working at [Company Name] will last a life time.

I hope a two week notice is sufficient for you to find a replacement. If I can help with the transition in anyway please let me know.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to work at [Company Name].


[Your Name, Title]



How To Write a Two Weeks Notice Letter:

The basic things to include in your letter will be your contact information, your current employer's contact information, and also the date that you plan on leaving the company. The most important part of the letter is the date which you expect to be making the move out of your current position. This will help the company prepare for your position's transition as well.

If you are looking to maintain a positive relationship with your current employer, it is important to be more detailed and thorough with your resignation form. Make sure to thank your employer for everything they have given you. It will definitely help to state that while you are moving in a direction away from the current company, you hope to maintain a positive working relationship into the future. Maintaining this connection will help keep your business network strong.

Using a sample template is the best way to start writing your official letter. You can use this professional document and then add your own personal touch. Make sure that you conclude the notification with your signature.

Importance of Two Weeks Notice Templates:

Giving your employer plenty of advanced notice will help your occupational transition go smoothly. This will also help you maintain your business connections into the future and grow as a professional. If you do not give documentation of you leaving, do not expect to receive future letters of recommendation from this employer.

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