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Self Evaluation For An Employee

Determine areas needing improvement by asking employees for their feedback.

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Self Evaluation For An Employee

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Use this basic form to survey employee's about their work experiences. Sample questions about understanding job responsibilities, training and more are provided. Also includes additional lines to enter your own questions and an area for employees to enter their own comments and questions in open text format.

Company Name

Employee Self Evaluation
Employee Information
Employee Name:
Employee ID:

Job Title:

Review Period: ______ to __________


Describe the goals you had set out to accomplish for this time period:

Which goals did you accomplish?

Which goals did you not accomplish and why not?

Which other objectives did you meet, beyond your stated goals?

Which achievements are you most proud of?

Risks and Expectations

What kind of risks did you take during the time span of this evaluation?

Were the risks worthwhile? Please explain why or why not.

What are your expectations for the next evaluation time span?

What can your manager do to help you achieve your future goals?

What are your goals for the next evaluation? Please be clear and concise.


Additional Comments:

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Help Desk
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Human Resources
IT Project Manager
Legal Secetary
Marketing Manager
Medical Assistant
Physical Therapist
Property Manager
Retail Manager
Systems Engineer
Technical Writer
Web Designer

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