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Printable House Cleaning Checklist

Use this form found below to help you with creating a house cleaning check list.

House Cleaning Checklist Template

House Cleaning Checklist

To Do Done Basic Service

[___] [___] All flooring is cleaned

[___] [___] All window sills and window ledges are wiped clean

[___] [___] All furniture is dusted and cleaned

[___] [___] All rooms are straightened up

[___] [___] All furniture is dusted and cleaned

[___] [___] Linens are changed and beds made, put out fresh linens

[___] [___] Toilets, sinks, counters, tubs and showers are wiped down and cleaned

[___] [___] Decorations, mirrors, fixtures and chrome are dusted and cleaned

[___] [___] Appliances and kitchen surfaces are wiped down and cleaned

[___] [___] Wastebaskets are emptied and liners are replaced

[___] [___] Dishwasher is emptied and / or loaded

Completed by: ______________________

Signature _______________ Date ______



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