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Cleaning Services Contract Template

Cleaning Services Contract

This agreement for cleaning services between _________________ (hereafter referred to as "Client") and _________________ (hereafter referred to as "Contractor") is made and entered into upon the following date: ____/____/____.

The house stated in this agreement is found at the following address: ________________________________

The Client would like to have the above mentioned house maintained on a regular basis. The Client and Contractor hereby agree to the following terms:

1. Client will give Contractor access to the inside of the house during regular business hours and any additional mutually agreed upon times.

2. Client will provide for the use by the Contractor in performance of this contract the following supplies and equipment: ________________________________ ________________________________

3. Client will pay Contractor $_____ on the first day of each month for services to be performed during the rest of the month.

4. Services to be performed by Contractor include the following: vacuuming of carpets, dusting, and polishing of furniture; cleaning of wood floors, kitchen appliances, bath tubs and shower stalls, toilets, sinks and all sink fixtures; in addition removal of trash from the interior trash containers and brought to the outdoor Dumpster.

5. Contractor will begin performing Cleaning Services on ____/____/____. Thereafter, Cleaning Services shall be performed on a mutually agreed upon schedule.

6. Either party may terminate this contract with written notice. Any payment for above mentioned services owed by the Client shall be due and payable at the time the agreement is terminated.

Either party may terminate this contract at any time by supplying a written notice of termination on a specified date to the other party, with at least two weeks notice prior to the stated date of termination.

If there is any litigation needed between the Client and Contractor it shall be filed and tried in the Contractor's local jurisdiction.

In agreement to the above mentioned terms the Client and a representative of the Contractor shall sign below:

Applicable Law

This contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of __________ in __________ County and any applicable Federal Law.

________________________________ Date____
Signature of the Client

________________________________ Date____
Signature of Contractor

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