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Printable Employee Incident Report Form

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Employee Incident Report

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Employee Incident Report

Date: ____/____/_______

Name: ____________________________ Phone: _____________

Address: _________________________ City:_______________ State:_____ Zip:_______

E-mail: __________________________

Individuals that were involved in the incident:

Name: __________________________________ Phone: _________________________

Address: ________________________ City:_______________ State:_____ Zip:_______

E-mail: _________________________________

Name: __________________________________ Phone: _________________________

Address: ________________________ City:_______________ State:_____ Zip:_______


On a separate sheet, describe in detail the incident.

On a separate sheet, list all witnesses to the incident.

Has there been any prior history of violence with any of the individuals involved?

[__] Yes    [__] No    [__] Unknown

If yes on a separate sheet please provide the following: Please provide background details (violence, weapon possession, personal problems, drug / alcohol history, etc.). Along with potential warning signs that have been observed / reported (behavior, conduct, stress).

Action Taken:

[__] Manage Internally     [__] Refer to Crisis Assessment Team   [__] No Action Needed

Completed by:

Name: ____________________________ Position: _______________________

Phone: ____________________________

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