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Electrostatic Cleaning

Now being used for cleaning and disinfecting of public spaces

Cleaning Service

What Type Of Cleaning Services Will You Provide

There are many types of cleaning services that businesses provide to homeowners and other businesses. Based on our research, we have segmented the types of cleaning services into the following categories. Consider which type of cleaning service you may provide. You may want to consider providing multiple services. For example compare the difference between (a) a service that cleans offices versus (b) a service that cleans offices plus provides pressure washing of flat surfaces (i.e. entrance and sidewalks) and window cleaning! Or a home cleaning service that also makes swimming pools sparkle. Get creative.

  • Residential Cleaning Service

    • General Home Cleaning

    • Floor Cleaning Service

      • Carpet

      • Hardwood

      • Tile & Specialty

    • Drain, Dryer Vents, Etc

    • Pool Cleaning Service

  • Commercial Cleaning Service

    • Offices & Buildings

    • Real Estate & Realtors

      • Foreclosed Homes

      • Rental Property

    • Window Cleaning

    • Pressure Cleaning

  • Vehicles & Transportion

    • Car Detailing Service

    • RV Cleaning Service

    • Private Jet Service

Cleaning Service

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