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Employee Suggestion Form

Giving your employees the opportunity to freely make suggestions with the form below will pay large dividends. It will empower your employees to create their own solutions to problems from their perspective which is usually the best way to solve many issues that arise and it will create a more effecient and effective company overall. A win-win. After an employee makes a valuable suggestion it is a good idea to reward them with a letter of appreciation and or certificate of appreciation. You can find links to both of these below.

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Sample Employee Suggestion Form

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Employee Name: ___________________________________ Date: ____/____/______

Position / Title: ___________________________________ Dept: _________________

Suggestion / Concern: Please describe your suggestion and include how it may improve your job, the jobs of others, add value to our customers, and what specifically is your concern that is being addressed (lost time, wasted use of materials, loss of revenue, return of goods, inefficiency, morale, etc.) ____________________________________________________________

Resources that will be needed to implement your suggestion: Please explain how our company can help carry out your suggestion. Include your estimates for labor, materials, capital, and equipment needed.

Labor: ___________________________________________________________
Materials: _________________________________________________________
Equipment: ________________________________________________________
Capital Expenditures: _______________________________________________
Other Resources: __________________________________________________
Total Estimated Cost: _______________________________________________

Specific Steps that will be taken: Please outline in detail the steps that will be needed and the individuals / departments that must be involved to accomplish the suggestion above:

1. _______________________________________________________________
2. _______________________________________________________________
3. _______________________________________________________________
4. _______________________________________________________________

Total Estimated Time to Complete: _________

____________________________________ Date____________
Signature of Employee

For Management Use Only:

Supervisor Name and Title: _______________________________________
Date Received: ____/____/______ Follow Up Date: ____/____/______
Comments regarding the employee suggestion:



Perceived Benefit to our Company:



Perceived Benefit to our Company:



Cost to our Company:



Please explain in detail how this suggestion fits our company's overall mission statement:




Suggestion Priority (1 = Low, 5 = High) 1 2 3 4 5

Action to be taken: ___________________________________________________________

Suggested employee reward: __________________________________________________

_______________________________ Date____________
Signature of Supervisor

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