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Teacher Evaluation Forms

Use this form to self evaluate teaching performance based on professional, classroom and student sample questions provided


These questions may be answered by a teacher to self evaluate their performance. Answer each question based upon the following scale.

Always: All the time
Usually: Commonly or ordinarily
Sometimes: Occasionally
Rarely: Not often or seldom

1. Is a classroom walk-through used for feedback to figure out your professional needs?

2. Is trend data used from your target test to determine your professional and instructional needs?

3. Do you use specific and rigorous content standards in your classroom?

4. I expect high performance from my students.

5. I am quick to discuss performance standards with students.

6. I report to both students and parents specific goals and standards.

7. I have an extensive understanding of correct and successful instructional strategies.

8. I very teaching strategies in my class.

9. I have an extensive grasp of how to use various appropriate class materials and tools.

10. I use materials and tools correctly in the classroom.

11. I choose the strategies and materials I use carefully.

12. I self-evaluate while I am instructing.

13. I use various self-assessment strategies.

14. I use the students work as a bench mark for what the student's needs are.

15. When planning new instruction, I use students work as a guide.

16. My students have easy access to different types of materials and teaching tools.

17. Students in my classroom have a positive response to how I use different teaching strategies and using various materials.

18. Outstanding student work is well displayed in my classroom.

19. The students that are in my classroom feel safe and well supported in their learning environment.

20. What are the areas that you have the most need for professional development?



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