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Sample Attorney Retainer Agreement Template

Lawyer Retainer Agreement Form

Attorney Retainer Agreement

Effective Date ____/____/____

Attorney [Legal Name], AKA (The Attorney)

Of [Legal Entity]

Located at [Address]

[City], [State] [Zip Code]


The Client [Legal Name], AKA (The Client)

Located at [Address]

[City], [State] [Zip Code]

The Client hereby retains and employs The Attorney for the following Legal Services.

Description of Services:




The above listed Attorney shall charge an hourly rate of $_______ for the above mentioned legal services. The Client hereby agrees to pay The Attorney on a monthly basis for all services that The Attorney carries out during the previous month including any expenses that pertain to those legal services.

In consideration for the above mentioned monthly payment The Attorney agrees to perform to the best of his ability with due diligence in the execution of the above mentioned legal services.

In the event for the need of legal action to enforce any provision of this Attorney Retainer Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney's fees and costs.

Applicable Law
This contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of ___ in _____ County and any applicable Federal Law.

_______________________ Date_____
Signature of The Client

_______________________ Date_____
Signature of The Attorney



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