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How to Increase Church Membership

Top 7 Outreach Ideas Used by Churches
Take a look at seven church outreach ideas that are used by churches both here in the U.S. and in other parts of the world.

Previous Small Business Assistant Tasks

(1) We have a new member application for our church. After receiving the application we personally interview the new member. We need a profile that we can use to interview and give them opportunities the church has to offer without being annoying.

(2) I am donating a car to the church for the pastor to use for pastoral duties. Form/document/contract for the gift and usage.

(3) I may be submitting my first commercial cleaning bid for a church that I know nothing about yet. But I was wondering do you have a generic "church" bid template available?

(4) We are a church in need of a simple agreement for unsolicited speakers. As we did not solicit them we will not be paying for lodging or transportation. Would you have a simple template which states what percentages the speaker will receive and what the church receives. Also what the expectations are between speakers and church. Your help is greatly appreciated.

(5) I need to print out a church directory from an excel database. There are blank fields that need to be skipped over in many cases.

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