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Sales Performance Evaluation Checklist

Sales are essential if you need to distribute a product. Unfortunately, many small businesses cannot afford a large sales force and are forced to use independent sales representatives who will sell their products for them, along with those of other businesses, for a contract commission. In this type of environment it is essential that you select your sales representative very carefully. This checklist will assist you in evaluating each representative that you are considering to help with your sales efforts:

Sales Representative Evaluation Checklist

Sales Representative Checklist

- Are there any competing lines that the sales rep is currently selling?

- What is the rep's current commission structure?

- If they use a showroom where is it located? Warehouse?

- What is the representative's geographical area that they cover?

- Who is the rep's key current account?

- How many salespeople does the rep work with?

- How many years of experience does the rep have?

- What type of promotional support is provided?

- Is the representative willing and able to provide sales- call reports?

- How frequently does the representative appear at trade show events?

- What areas does the representative specialize in?

- What are all the markets that the representative covers?

- Is the rep willing and able to interview all field sales representatives?

- Does the rep really know the customer's demographic?

- Can the representative provide you with a termination agreement?

- When are commissions expected to be paid?

- When will overdue accounts be paid?

- What deductions will the representative make for credit losses that are incurred?

- When it comes to credit rejections what rights does the rep have?

- What does the rep require regarding sales materials and catalogs?

- Is the representative able to appear at sales meetings?

- Will reps buy samples at deep discounts?

- Does the rep warehouse any inventory themselves? How is the inventory stored?

- Can the representative supply a current list of references? And prior sales numbers?



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