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LLC Officer Resignation Forms

Sample form to end a LLC partnership agreement with an officer or managing member

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LLC Officer Resignation

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Resignation of Officer, Managing Member or Manager from a Limited Liability Company (LLC)

1. The name of the limited liability company as it appears on the records:


2. This limited liability company was organized under the laws of:


3. The registration number of this limited liability company is:


4. I, _________________________________, hereby resign as a _____________________
            (Print Name of Person Resigning)                                            (Print Title)
of this limited liability company and will not receive a buyout of any amount or consideration of any kind and do hereby swear that the above mentioned limited liability company has been notified of my resignation in writing.

__________________________________________________________ Date____________ Signature of Resigning Member, Managing Member or Manager

Witness #1) __________________________________________

Witness #2) __________________________________________

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